Haikyu!! anime gets collab with fashion label BABYDOLL for a warm, fuzzy Fall/Winter collection for kids and adults

Key visual for the Kaikyu!! anime and Haikyu!!-inspired blanket-sized poncho.
A key visual for the Haikyu!! anime and Haikyu!!-inspired blanket-sized poncho. Pic credit: @senscritique and @natalie.mu

On September 11, 2022, the staff for the anime adaptation of Haruichi Furudate’s Haikyu!! sports manga announced a collaboration between the franchise and Japanese fashion label BABYDOLL.

Haikyu!!-inspired baby poncho.
Haikyu!!-inspired baby poncho. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

The fashion line-up includes anime-inspired ponchos and rompers for babies, blanket-sized ponchos for adults, fluffy socks, striped T-shirts, and die-cut cushions. The ponchos and rompers are made out of a fluffy material that is sure to keep you warm during the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons.

There are three types of hooded ponchos: Hinagarasu (inspired by Shoyo Hinata), Kagegarasu (inspired by Tobio Kageyama), and Tsukigarasu (inspired by Kei Tsukishima).

Haikyu!!-inspired baby rompers.
Haikyu!!-inspired baby rompers. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

The collection also includes five types of baby rompers: Kurooneko (inspired by Tetsuro Kuroo), Ezo red fox, Tsum fox, and Sam fox, complete with an adorable sewn-on tail!

Haikyu!!-inspired blanket-sized poncho.
Haikyu!!-inspired blanket-sized poncho. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

The collection features six types of warm, fluffy adult blanket-sized ponchos with hoods and large pockets: Hinagarasu, Kagegarasu, Tsukigarasu, Kuroneko, Bokuto Owl, and Ezo Red Fox.

Haikyu!!-inspired socks and T-shirts.
Haikyu!!-inspired socks and T-shirts. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

The anime-inspired fluffy socks, long T-shirts, and die-cut cushions come in ten character-inspired designs: Hinagarasu, Kagegarasu, Tsukigarasu, Kurooneko, Kenmaneko (inspired by Kozume Kenma), Bokuto Owl, Red-footed Owl, Kita Fox, Tsum Fox, and Thumb fox.

Haikyu!!-inspired pillows and various items.
Haikyu!!-inspired pillows and various items. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

The baby ponchos cost 4,400 yen, approximately 30.55 USD. The rompers and blanket-sized ponchos cost 4,950 yen, approximately 34.37 USD. The fluffy socks cost 1,089 yen, approximately 7.56 USD. The long T-shirts cost 3,300 yen, approximately 22.91 USD. The die-cut cushions cost 3,520 yen, approximately 24.44 USD.

Pre-orders for this collection are now available at the official BABYDOLL online shop and will continue until October 13, 2022. The products will be delivered after mid-October. Select T-shirts and the die-cut cushions are available for pre-order until December 31 in case you’ve run out of time with your Christmas shopping.

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What is the plot of Haikyu!!

The story centers on a Japanese high school student named Shoyo Hinata, who after watching the amazing skills of “Little Giant” on the volleyball court becomes enamored by the dynamic nature of the sport. Unfortunately, his attempt to make his debut as a volleyball regular during a middle school tournament goes to hell. However, he doesn’t give up and wants to prove that his less-than-impressive height won’t be a hindrance in the face of his strong will and perseverance.

Hinata decides to enroll in Karsuno High School, which happens to be the same school his idol “Little Giant” attended. Hinata believes this alone brings him one step closer to his goal of becoming a professional volleyball player. Hinata is disappointed to discover the school only retains a shadow of its former glory and, to make matters worse, the very prodigy, who humiliated Hinata during his middle school volleyball match is now his teammate.

Hinata is forced to put his differences with Tobio Kageyama aside if he’s to leave his mark in the realm of volleyball and prove once and for all that it’s not just the domain of the tall and strong. Hinata will have to learn what it means to be a part of a team in order to join the fierce competition to be the best in volleyball.

Where can I read the manga and watch the anime?

Writer and illustrator Haruichi Furudate launched his Haikyu!! (Haikyuu!!) manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. The manga was serialized from February 2012 to July 2020, and the individual chapters have been collected into forty-five tankoubon volumes.

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From April 2014 to September 2014, an anime TV series adaptation by Production I.G. aired in Japan. From October 2015 to March 2016, a second season aired with 25 episodes. From October 2016 to December 2016, a third season aired with 10 episodes. From January to April 2020, the first cour of the fourth season of 13 episodes aired, and the second cour of 12 episodes aired from October to December 2020.

A two-part Haikyuu FINAL movie will air in August 2023.

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The English version of the manga has been licensed by Viz Media for release in North America. The anime’s English version has been licensed for digital and home release by Sentai Filmworks.

All four seasons of Haikyu!! are available for streaming on Crunchyroll here.

What do you think of the Haikyu!! X BABYDOLL collaboration? Let us know in the comment section below!

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