HOne Piece Film: Red world premiere in Nippon Budokan highlights: Uta concert, actor comments, antics, and more

Picture taken of One Piece staff at Nippon Budokan.
Picture taken of One Piece staff taken at One Piece Film: Red World Premiere in Nippon Budokan. Pic credit: @mantan-web.jp

On July 22, 2022, also known in the anime community as “One Piece Day”, One Piece Film: Red had its world premiere screening in Nippon Budokan (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).

One Piece Day is a 2-day event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the debut of Eiichiro Oda’s fantasy, adventure manga One Piece. The manga started its serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha).

Seventeen notable stars attended, including voice actor Mayumi Tanaka, who plays the main character Luffy, other Straw Hats and director Goro Taniguchi.

Uta was the opening act and this was her first live concert. She performed three songs, including the theme song “New Era”, which generated a lot of energy during the event. Uta also explained to the crowd that real-life singer Ado is in charge of her singing voice.

In order to understand how Uta was able to have a concert, watch this teaser featuring Uta’s virtual avatar, here:

Video teasing Uta’s new song “Fleeting Lullaby” and the upcoming release of her CD on August 10.

Some of the Straw Hats that were in attendance were Kazuya Nakai who plays Zoro, Akemi Okamura who plays Nami, Katsuhei Yamaguchi who plays Ussop, Hiroaki Hirata who plays Sanji, Ikue Otani who plays Chopper, Kazuki Yao who plays Frankie, Cho-san who plays Brooke, and Katsutoshi Takaragame who plays Jinbei-san. Kaori Nazuka as Uta, Shuichi Ikeda as Shanks, Kenjiro Tsuda as Gordon, Yuki Yamada as the character from the Jellyfish Pirates, and Soshina and Seiya from the laughing duo also made an appearance.

The cast of One Piece entertains the crowd

After Uta’s live performance the voice actors walked along a red carpet, which lead to the main stage while the venue was filled with enthusiastic applause from the audience. The actors began to make fun comments in the voices of the characters they play.

I will be King of the Pirates! –Mayumi Tanaka commented at the World Premiere, mantan-web.jp

Mayumi Tanaka commented at the World Premiere, source: Mantan-web.jp

I will entrust my hat to you, Luffy. Grow up to be a good pirate.

Shuichi Ikeda commented at the World Premiere, source: Mantan-web.jp

The One Piece manga is still ongoing so it’s difficult to make a film when we still don’t know the whole story. I always wonder if we’re getting it right but this time I’m confident we made something special. The production team is amazing. I hope you will all watch the movie soon.

Mayumi Tanaka commented at the World Premiere, source: Mantan-web.jp

What is the plot of One Piece Film: Red?

The plot of the film will revolve around a new female character named Uta. Uta is a world-renowned diva in the world of One Piece.

The setting of the film Red will take place on an island where Uta will be performing her first public concert. People in the world of One Piece are able to listen to Uta’s singing via their Den Den Mushi’s (magical transponder snails that work as communication devices).

The Den Den Mushis enabled her to be able to hide her true identity as the daughter of the notorious, wanted pirate Red-Haired Shanks. Half of Uta’s hair is red while the other half is lavender (which she probably inherited from her mother).

Uta’s fans from all over the world sail towards the island in order to attend her live concert, including Luffy, who only innocently likes Uta’s singing and has no idea of who her father is.

Unfortunately for the Straw Hats, the Navy pirate hunters and other pirates are also planning to attend the concert. The story truly begins when the shocking fact that Uta is Shank’s daughter is discovered, and chaos ensues.

One Piece Red will be directed by Goro Taniguchi and produced by Toei. Its screenplay by Tsutomu Kuroiwa. Masamasa Sato is the animation director and will handle character designs. The art director is Hiroshi Kato. Color design by Sayoko Yokoyama. CG director – Kentaro Kawasaki. Director – Tsutomu Ema. The film will be released Aug 6, 2022.

A brand new trailer for the movie was released on July 22, 2022 for One Piece day and shows the reactions of the Straw Hats to Uta’s concert. You can read more about that here: One Piece Film: Red releases second trailer during its world premiere on One Piece Day

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