Hunter x Hunter return reveals how many new chapters, Kurapika HxH focus

Gon, Killlua, Kurapika and Leorio during the hunter exams
Gon, Killlua, Kurapika, and Leorio during the hunter exams. Pic credit: Madhouse

If you haven’t been following the Hunter x Hunter manga, you should know that the series has returned to the spotlight.

This Hunter x Hunter return is thanks to creator Yoshihiro Togashi. The creator caused a lot of buzz last month after opening his Twitter account and giving updates on his manga after a long sabbatical.

Indeed, the artist has had fans on edge with practically daily Hunter x Hunter updates, and we now know how much work Togashi has left to accomplish.

Hunter x Hunter creator’s latest update

As you can see below, the Hunter x Hunter update is once again from Twitter. Togashi shared a beautiful Shikishi sketch with HxH Gon and others.

According to mangaka Masanori Morita, the Hunter x Hunter creator completed the piece some time ago, but a recent search brought the drawing to Togashi. After sharing the image, the artist took a minute to talk about his plans for the Hunter x Hunter return.

Togashi’s released art and further info

Togashi says he has three more chapters to write for the time being. This information came after the creator teased the 19th chapter of the comeback.

If Togashi has three new chapters to write, Hunter x Hunter will likely resume serialization with 21 chapters. Of course, Togashi could have purposefully avoided using specific words.

The return of Hunter x Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator, and illustrator behind Hunter x Hunter has returned from his vacation to join Twitter for a long-awaited announcement. Fans of the popular shonen series have been waiting nearly four years since the most recent chapter was released – and eight years since the most recent anime adaptation – for any hint of continuation.

The popular series spawned two anime adaptations, many movies, and numerous computer games following young Gon Freecss to become a recognized and certified Hunter and find his long-lost father of the same occupation. Throughout his weird and spooky adventures, he is followed by devoted pals Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua on their missions to obtain the perks and liberty of Hunters.

The plot of Hunter x Hunter appears to be far from ended. The story is currently at the ongoing “Succession Contest” arc and the possibility of Gon returning with a new objective of regaining his old skills. It’s also possible that Hunter x Hunter’s Kurapika will take center stage in the new story arc about the Dark Continent.

However, the manga industry’s expectations usually strain creators before they can finish their stories. Mangakas, like Togashi, frequently illustrate and storyboard themselves. Many people have notoriously died due to the stress of this constant workload.

If the artist only needs to finish the drafts for his editing team to prepare, Hunter x Hunter will also have 19 chapters to premiere when it returns. Furthermore, such completion would allow Hunter x Hunter to visit Shonen Jump relatively soon…! After all, the three chapters on Togashi’s list may already be written.

Are you excited for Hunter x Hunter to return from its hiatus? What do you think of Togashi’s latest update? Share your ideas in the comments area below.

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