I’m Quitting Heroing anime trailer, new key visual teases the climax -Machi☆Asobi Cafe Collab celebrates ending

Screenshot from the trailer teasing the climax of I'm quitting Heroing.
Screenshots from the trailer teasing the climax of the anime I’m Quitting Heroing. Pic credit: EMT Squared

I’m Quitting Heroing: Next Gig Is at the Demon Queen’s Castle is a Japanese dark fantasy light novel series written by Quantum and illustrated by Hana Amano. From Janurary to February 2017 the light novel was serialized on Kadokawa’s user-generated novel publishing website Kakuyomu. From December 2017 to October 2018 three volumes of the light novel were published by Fujimi Shobo under their Kadokawa Books imprint.

Since May 2018 a manga adaptation with art by Nori Kazato was serialized on Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace Up website. The manga’s chapters have been collected into six tankobon volumes. Kadokawa has licensed the light novel and manga in North America.

On April 5, 2022 an anime TV series adaptation by EMT Square premiered. The anime is currently streaming on HIDIVE and will be released by Sentai Filmworks on home video. On June 1, 2022 Kadokawa released a new key visual and trailer teasing the highly anticipated climax of the I’m Quitting Heroing anime.

Leo Demonheart VS Queen Echidna – who will survive?

Trailer teasing the climax of I’m Quitting Heroing.

In the trailer we see that Demon Queen Echidna will be forced to fight Leo Demonheart. From her strained and unhappy expressions in the trailer you can see her reluctance to fight Leo and because her heart isn’t in the fight it appears he gains the upper hand. Will the Leo’s former demon allies – Steiner (Shutina), Lily, Mernes and Edvard – be forced to step in and kill Leo in order to save their beloved queen?

New key visual for I'm Quitting Heroing anime.
New key visual for I’m Quitting Heroing anime. Pic credit: @yuuyame.com

If they don’t kill Leo and take his heart the demon world is doomed to continue in darkness forever and if they decide to kill Leo they end up having to kill someone who has become a cherished friend. The stakes are high in this upcoming anime climax! Will Echidna and her allies decide to forsake their own homeland for Leo’s sake or will they do what needs to be done to save their home?

Hints of Leo’s fate are hidden in Nao Toyama’s De Messiah song

CD cover for Growing / de messiah.
CD cover for Growing / de messiah. Pic credit: @toyamanao.com

The epic, emotional new ending theme song titled De Messiah is sung by Nao Toyoma and was produced by TK (Psychopass, 91 Days, Tokyo Ghoul) and Giga. But that wasn’t even the full version of the song! The full version will be released June 8, 2022! There appear to be hints in the song about Leo’s destiny so pay close attention to the lyrics.

Music video teasing the song De Messiah sung by Nao Toyama.

The hype for the anime’s climax gets it a collab with Machi☆Asobi Cafe

The anime had a slow start but as more of Leo’s mysterious background was revealed the show became much more interesting and riveting. The story centers on the world’s strongest hero, Leo Demonheart, who has continually protected humanity from demon invasions for thousands of years. In anime begins in the future, which has taken on a medieval ambiance. Leo thwarts Demon Queen Echidna and her followers when they try to steal an item from the humans called the Philosopher’s Stone.

Machi Asobi special I'm Quitting Heroing place mats.
Machi☆Asobi special I’m Quitting Heroing place mats. Pic credit: @machiasobi.com

Leo grows curious about Echidna and her true motives behind the attack since she doesn’t kill humans indiscriminately. Leo decides to disguise himself and join her defeated demon army and help them to get back on their feet in order to learn more about them. He later learns that the Demon World is a polluted wasteland and that Echidna wants the Philosopher’s Stone to save her home world. Along the way, Leo ends up befriending Echidna’s Elite Four – smart, succubus demon Steiner (Shutina), cute, wolf demon Lily, cold-hearted assassin Mernes, and dragon-demon knight Edvard.

Machi Asobi special I'm Quitting Heroing place mats.
Machi☆Asobi special I’m Quitting Heroing place mats. Pic credit: @machiasobi.com

Part of Leo’s motivation for joining Echidna’s army was that the human populace has grown fearful of Leo’s power instead of celebrating his victory over Echidna and is speculating about whether or not he will become the next demon king. Leo fears that the humans may be right. His purpose has always been to protect humanity, but if humanity doesn’t need protecting the meaning of his existence is lost. Leo fears he will attack humanity to restart the cycle of humanity needing protecting over and over again. That’s why Leo decides to place his fate in the hands of Echidna and her Elite Four.

Machi Asobi Cafe menu special.
Machi☆Asobi Cafe menu special. Pic credit: @machiasobi.com

From July 7-19, 2022 Machi☆Asobi Café in Tokyo, Osaka, Kitakyushu and Bizan will be holding a menu collaboration. This just shows you how real the hype is for the climax of this anime! If you’re lucky enough to live in Tokyo customers that order from the special menu receive an original placemat featuring one of the characters from the show and an original coaster. You can check out the special menu here.

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