I’m Quitting Heroing OVA EP1 review: Hot springs trip features Echidna x Leo romance

Screenshot from the I'm Quitting Heroing OVA.
Screenshot from the I’m Quitting Heroing OVA. Pic credit: @ibtimes.com

The grand finale of I’m Quitting Heroing was action-packed and left fans wanting more. Episode 12 began with Leo lying on the ground with a gaping hole in his chest while Queen Echidna and her comrades stood around Leo. Leo informed Queen Echidna that she only had 200 seconds to rip the Philosopher’s Stone out of his chest.

For a moment, it appeared as if Echidna would indeed take the Philosopher’s Stone, but ultimately she decided not to, much to Leo’s chagrin. Leo then tried to convince the others to see reason and to take the stone. One by one, Edvard, Shutina and Mernes all refused his request while Lili was crying for them not to kill Leo.

Queen Echidna declared that if Leo truly wanted to help her and the demon realm that she would officially hire him to be a part of the demon army and she’d be sure to give him a lot of hard work.

Leo also came to the realization that the command, “You must save humanity,” was only a delusion he was suffering from. As soon as Leo decided to make the command go away it disappeared, freeing him from the responsibility to protect humanity once and for all.

Leo x Echidna romance blossoms

At the very end of the episode, Leo and Echidna are discussing their future plans for the demon army together and end up holding hands. Before something more could happen between them they are interrupted by one of Echidna’s servants.

The servant apologizes profusely that she interrupted their “romantic moment”, but Leo and Echidna quickly deny her assumption. In Season 2 will we see more romance between Leo and Queen Echidna?

Screenshot from ep 12 of I'm Quitting Heroing where Leo and Echidna share a romantic moment.
Screenshot from ep 12 of I’m Quitting Heroing where Leo and Echidna share a romantic moment. Pic credit: EMT Squared

The first episode of the two-part OVA begins with Leo, Echidna, Shutina, Lily, Mernes and Edvard traveling on a “work trip” together. Leo seems skeptical that what they are doing is work related and thinks they’re really just on some kind of a vacation. When they arrive at the inn Leo notes that it resembles a Japanese-style hot springs inn from his past hundreds of years ago.

Screenshot from the I'm Quitting Heroing OVA.
Screenshot from the I’m Quitting Heroing OVA. Pic credit: EMT Squared

The proprietress of the inn greets the group and she guides them inside. Echidna is given some papers to sign and she notices that a special “service” is available at the inn. A mischievous smile curls Echidna’s lips and she checks off that she wants the “special service”.

And suddenly it’s Scooby Doo time

After that, the proprietress warns the group that the inn is actually haunted and to be careful. Shutina is visibly freaked out since she doesn’t like ghosts.

Screenshot from the I'm Quitting Heroing OVA featuring Leo and the gang in kimono.
Screenshot from the I’m Quitting Heroing OVA featuring Leo and the gang in kimono. Pic credit: EMT Squared

The group begins to settle in at their room, donning classic Japanese kimono and sitting around a low table drinking sake. Echidna whips out a bag of headbands that have animal ears on them and declares that the proprietress gave her these “protective talismans/charms of protection” to wear to protect them from evil spirits. Everyone seems a little skeptical at first, but in the end reluctantly agree to wear the headbands.

If I’m Quitting Heroing fans thought they’d never see their favorite characters wearing animal ears think again! Leo put on a dog-eared headband, Echidna put on a cat-eared headband, Shutina put on a bunny-eared headband, Mernes and Edvard put on mouse-eared headbands, and Lily put on some ears that matched her own.

Screenshot from the I'm Quitting Heroing OVA.
Screenshot from the I’m Quitting Heroing OVA. Pic credit: EMT Squared

Later, Echidna decides to leave the room in order to buy snacks. Leo and the others sit down and play a card game together, but eventually Mernes gets worried about Echidna and leaves their room to go and look for her. A few minutes later, Leo hears a strange sound and his attention is drawn to a Japanese wall scroll of a beautiful woman. The group leans closer to the scroll to get a closer look and the eyes of the portrait suddenly move!

Everyone begins to freak out and Edvard decides that Echidna and Mernes have been missing for far too long and leaves the room to go in search of them. Leo remarks to himself that it is hard to make decisions when your leader isn’t present – which just might be the very lesson the group is supposed to learn from this whole set up.

From within the room Leo, Shutina and Lily hear Edvard cry out and when they try to leave the room to go after them they find it locked. All of a sudden, a bunch of strange paranormal things begin to occur – a mirror cracks, items begin to float around their room, and a telephone is heard ringing in the distance.

The group follows the sound of the telephone, and Shutina tries to use a silencing spell to make the ringing stop. When she fails, Leo tries next, but with the same results. Even Lily tries to silence the phone, but uses a karate chop instead. Finally, the phone stops ringing, but the group sees a shadow pass by the paper-screened walls.

Suddenly, Shutina is convinced that there is indeed an evil spirit haunting them and tells the others about how she and Echidna read a book about ghosts when they were children. Echidna promised to protect Shutina if they ever encountered such fearsome creatures. Shutina says they must all believe that Echidna will protect them. Suddenly, they hear Echidna’s voice and while everyone is distracted Lily is spirited away.

Echidna appears before Shutina and Leo and explains she hasn’t encountered the other three generals, or innkeeper and that the entire inn seems deserted. Echidna warns them that something supernatural is definitely afoot, but Leo still seems unconvinced.

Is a ghost really haunting the generals or is Echidna behind all of these events in order to teach her generals a valuable lesson? In the second episode of the OVA will fans get to see Leo, Echidna and the rest soaking in the hot springs? These mysteries and more will be uncovered in the second OVA episode!

What do we know about Season 2 of I’m Quitting Heroing? You can read about that here: I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 release date: Yuusha, Yamemasu Season 2 predictions

Are you looking forward to the second OVA episode? Let us know in the comment section below!

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