Is Katsuki Bakugo alive again in My Hero Academia Chapter 364 after Hero Edgeshot sacrifices his life?

Bakugo struggling in a fight in My Hero Academia anime
Bakugo is struggling in a fight in My Hero Academia anime. Pic credit: Studio Bones

My Hero Academia is aware of the power of shock value and how powerful its cliffhangers can be. As Bakugo Katsuki’s life has been hanging in the balance for weeks, manga lovers have recently been in an uproar over its most recent tease.

And now, the boy is about to be revived in the most unforeseen ways thanks to a devastating sacrifice in My Hero Academia Chapter 364.

Is Bakugo dead or alive after Edgeshot’s sacrifice?

If you’ve been reading the manga, you already know that an update was released this past weekend that shocked the fanbase. My Hero Academia Chapter 364 concluded with a pro hero deciding to save Bakugo at all costs. Edgeshot closes chapter 364 by sacrificing his own life to save Bakugo, proving that he is willing to do so.

The image on the page depicts Edgeshot discussing Bakugo’s condition with Best Jeanist. The boy’s heart, as we all know, ruptured from the inside out, leaving him without a pulse. Edgeshot tells Best Jeanist that he will give his life to remedy the problem since if there were no way to fix Bakugo’s heart on the field, he would pass away in minutes.

Edgeshot transforming into Bakugo's heart
Edgeshot transforms into Bakugo’s heart. Pic credit: Viz media

And how is it possible he can accomplish this? It all boils down to Edgeshot’s quirk. The man can shrink himself down like paper into the most minute threads. Edgeshot has previously used this ability to enter other people’s bodies and force them to stand down.

Edgeshot will now employ an advanced technique to mend Bakugo’s heart permanently, but doing so would make the Hero forever trapped inside the child. There is no way of knowing if Bakugo could remove the professional Hero even after this fight ended because the technique seems irreversible.

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Fans of My Hero Academia will have to wait to see how this plan turns out for the time being because Edgeshot’s gambit might not be successful. The fandom’s conviction that Bakugo is irreplaceable only becomes more firmly established due to this suggestion. The character’s story arc has only begun, so if this is how My Hero Academia 364 chooses to bring Bakugo back, then so be it.

The war and the new hope

The Heroes in Horikoshi’s manga have been struggling to defeat the villains for a very long period. While My Hero Academia Chapter 364 did not alter this, it gave fans reason to believe that future show episodes might. Edgeshot may be hinting that the Heroes are ready to reverse the situation by saving Bakugo, the franchise’s triumph symbol.

The chapter also illustrated how terrified people are about Shigaraki outside of Japan. Even the world’s mighty governments are frightened of the villain’s vengeance. Heroes are nonetheless prepared to fight for those who depend on them as well as for future generations.

The last several pages of the chapter focused heavily on this final subject. Edgeshot is prepared to forfeit his life to preserve a young Hero’s life. In contrast to All For One’s dream, which entails destroying the future for everyone else, this is the complete opposite.

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