Is Katsuki Bakugo dead? My Hero Academia Chapter 362 killed off one of the biggest MHA characters

Kohei Hirokoshi's illustration for jump festa
Kohei Horikoshi’s illustration for Jump festa. Pic credit: Shonen Jump

Warning! There will be major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 362 below.

The final struggle between the good and bad guys has intensified as the heroes attempt to hold off Tomura Shigaraki for as much as they can until Izuku Midoriya arrives on the scene. It’s been difficult because the adversary is now a much more dangerous monster than ever before, thanks to his altered physique and All For One ability.

Katsuki Bakugo has found this to be a tough pill to chew because it has become clear to him exactly how much power there is between him and the bad guy.

UPDATE August 24, 2022: Bakugo’s death stuns fans in My Hero Academia Chapter 363, but can Eri’s Rewind save Dynamight like Orihime brought back Menoly?

The painful death of Midoriya’s biggest rival

Shigaraki has been under attack since the beginning of the most recent batch of chapters, but the antagonist has so far been able to deflect all of the attacks. Despite Bakugo’s efforts, Shigaraki has countered each move, leaving him bleeding and battered with some of his biggest injuries.

But as Bakugo continued to plunge into the fight, it turned out that those wounds weren’t even close to the worst ones yet. In addition, the last scenes of the most recent chapter show Shigaraki has killed Bakugo by carving a hole through his heart.

Bakugo, after Shigaraki, put a hole through his chest in My Hero Academia chapter 362.
Bakugo, after Shigaraki, put a hole through his chest. Pic credit: Shueisha

When the Big Three’s schemes fail to affect Shigaraki in any way, too, My Hero Academia 362 shows Bakugo joining the battle again.

When we last saw Bakugo, he was nursing his severe wound while deciding how to go against the evil. His ability to battle without using a weapon or igniting in his hands on its own seemed to indicate that his quirk was ready to advance to the next level, and the chapter supports this. Even if he initially succeeds in surprising Shigaraki, it is insufficient.

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Shigaraki delivers a direct blow to Bakugo’s chest, puncturing a hole straight through his heart, despite the other heroes’ best efforts to block him. It is shown that the explosive hero’s heart has been fatally wounded on the final page of the chapter, as some of the other heroes and Best Jeanist choose to ignore the problem.

Although it’s still too early to know if Bakugo has died (this series has previously retracted similar claims and an evolving quirk could keep Bakugo alive), the cliffhanger will have fans on the edge of their seats for some time.

Shigaraki’s overwhelming Simple Growth ability

Simple Growth is precisely what its name implies, keeping with the traditional descriptive ability names in My Hero Academia. Shigaraki can now change the makeup of his body at will, adding or subtracting mass from his total without using a quirk or any other support gear.

The fact that it is a physical trait means that Simple Growth won’t fall under the standard Quirks regulations. Likely, there won’t be a time restriction on how long he can change his body, and quirk-targeting attacks like Eraserhead and Monoma Neito’s combined Erasure won’t have any impact at all.

Dr. Garaki put Shigaraki through a transformational procedure. This procedure was to give him the power he had been seeking, and the All For One Quirk finally settled and took root inside him, resulting in Simple Growth.

To handle the strain of numerous quirks, Dr. Garaki strengthened his body toughness almost to the level of All Might in his prime, yet Simple Growth was how he overcame the quirk singularity.

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As things stand, it appears like All For One has the upper hand on Shigaraki in the battle for his body; nevertheless, it is unlikely that this equilibrium will hold throughout the story.

What do you think of Bakugo’s death in the Final Act of My Hero Academia? Do you believe the young hero actually passed away? Share your opinions about it in the comments section.

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