Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean English dub VA Kira Buckland shows off her Jolyne cosplay

Jolyne Cujoh and her stand, Stone Free.
Jolyne Cujoh and her stand, Stone Free. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

In the most recent edition of the anime adaptation called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Joylne Cujoh, the series’ first female protagonist, leads the charge. When it concerns the Joestar family, stand battles undoubtedly run in the family.

As new episodes of the anime series from David Production are scheduled to premiere on Netflix this fall, Kira Buckland showed her admiration for Jolyne from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by dressing up as her during the Anime Expo 2022.

Kira Buckland’s cosplay of Jolyne Cujoh

At Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure panel at this year’s Anime Expo, Buckland, who provided the voice of Cujoh in Netflix’s English adaptation of the anime, came in full cosplay. Before being cast in the role of Jolyne, which Buckland described as “the biggest dream role of my entire career,” she had already cosplayed the character as a fan of the show. The wig worn was by Diana Soreil, and professional cosplayer Fabrickind created the actor’s outfit.

Check out Kira Buckland’s sensational Jolyne cosplay below:

Kira Buckland cosplaying as Jolyne Cujoh in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.
Kira Buckland is cosplaying as her voiced character Jolyne Cujoh. Pic credit: Kira Buckland

Buckland has acted in various well-known anime series and played the disobedient Stone Ocean hero, such as Edens Zero, To Your Eternity, the Netflix adaptations of Kakegurui, and Komi Can’t Communicate.

In addition to Jojo’s, Buckland also appears in the other megahit shonen anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. This time,¬†she plays the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji, who will have a significant role in the upcoming adaptation of the Swordsmith Village arc for the anime series.

Her Instagram profile features further examples of her cosplay, including representations of characters from the Homestuck and Legend of Zelda series.

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 release date and more

The second installment of the Stone Ocean anime, which will premiere its subsequent batch of episodes on Netflix on September 1, 2022, will have Buckland reprising her role as Jolyne.

The long-awaited anime version of the sixth arc of the epic debuted in December of 2021. Netflix and Warner Bros. Japan is now distributing the show abroad in batches of 12 episodes each, while it is currently only available in Japan on a weekly basis.

Stone Ocean, which takes place in 2011, relocates the series’ setting to everyone’s favorite state, Florida, and revolves around Jolyne Cujoh, the famous hero Jotaro Kujo’s daughter from Stardust Crusader. Jolyne gets imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit and becomes involved in her family’s protracted conflict with Dio Brando and his followers.

Published in 1999 and continuing until 2003 was the original Stone Ocean manga. Currently on hold as Araki takes a sabbatical and creates Part 9 of the series, which is provisionally titled “Jojolands,” is Hirohiko Araki’s ongoing epic, which concluded Part 8 of the series, Jojolion, in 2021. Araki also participated in the upcoming 40th-anniversary celebration of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series by submitting some artwork to a commemorative project that publisher Shueisha is hosting. The series is currently commemorating its 35th anniversary with several Jojo-themed exhibitions in Japan.

Netflix offers streaming of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean anime.

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