JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s six heroes unite in new JoJo World 2 event art

Jojo's Bizzare Adventures 10th anniversary visual
Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures 10th anniversary visual. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

Six generations of the Joestar lineage are represented in a new piece of art for Japan’s upcoming Jojo World 2 event.

The David Production-produced Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series debuted in 2012. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has installments such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – Battle in Egypt, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, and 2022’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. From 2017 until 2020, an OVA based on the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan spin-off aired.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s new event art

The first six Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure heroes, from the original Jonathan Joestar through Stone Ocean’s incarcerated hero Jolene Cujoh, are shown lounging together in the new illustration. Other critical characters from each of their arcs are visible behind them. The artwork focuses on Joestar family members who have appeared in the anime. Johnny Joestar, the protagonist of Steel Ball Run, and Part 8’s amnesiac hero, Josuke Higashikata, were regretfully left out of the festivities.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s first six heroes together in new event art
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s first six heroes together in new event art. Pic credit: JOJO_WORLD2021 / Twitter

Jojo’s Bizzare adventure made the artwork to commemorate the impending Jojo World 2. The Jojo World 2 is a unique event celebrating all parts of the franchise that will take place in Tokyo’s Namjatown. The unique event will take place from August 10 to October 10. The event will include a variety of interactive exhibitions and games for Jojo fans to enjoy.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 10th-anniversary project

On April 4, 2022, the anime adaptation of Hirohiko Araki’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga unveiled a 10th Anniversary Project trailer. The trailer looked back on the numerous Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episodes broadcast throughout the years. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure also announced several anniversary plans.

The JOJOTREE: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Tokyo Skytree collaboration, an anniversary exhibition, the limited-time JOJO’S WORLD 2 theme park, a special issue of anime music magazine Lis Ani!, and the earlier revealed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R fighting game are all part of these plans. Check out the project trailer below:

The Tokyo Skytree cooperation will offer limited goods and a special menu. JOJO’S WORLD 2 will contain setting-inspired attractions, photo places, minigames, etc.

Meanwhile, the Lis Ani! special issue will have interviews with the theme song artists, staff, and cast of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series and “various data” and other stuff. 

Part 9 of the Shueisha-published manga was announced in 2021. An OVA series and a movie made by a different animation production studio preceded the current anime series.

While the new events are exclusively available to fans in Japan, global Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fans have a lot to look for in 2022. After a long wait, the next set of episodes from the anime’s Stone Ocean season will air on Netflix next fall. Last December, the first 12 episodes of the season were released exclusively on the streaming site.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R, the franchise’s latest fighting game, will likewise feature many generations of characters. This autumn, the game will be released on the Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PCs via Steam.

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