Kamen Rider Black Sun releases new trailer and monsters have been cast

Key visual for the upcoming live-action adaptation Kamen Rider Black Sun.
Key visual for the upcoming live-action adaptation Kamen Rider Black Sun. Pic credit: Amazon Prime Video and @kamen-rider-official.com

On August 29, 2022, the staff for Kamen Rider Black Sun released a new trailer and revealed more cast additions for the upcoming reboot of the 1978 tokusatsu TV series Kamen Rider Black. The superhero drama series is also inspired by the anime franchise Kamen Rider.

Kamen Rider Black Sun will stream exclusively via Amazon Prime Video starting at 12 AM JST on October 28, 2022!

You can watch the trailer on Kamen Rider’s official YouTube channel here:

【特報第二弾】仮面ライダーBLACK SUN【2022年10月28日(金)0:00配信決定】
The official trailer for Kamen Rider Black Sun.

The trailer teases that Kamen Rider Black Sun’s story is set in a world where monsters and humans live side-by-side, but they definitely don’t appear to get along! As monsters disguised as humans start to go out of control and hurt people the need for superheroes becomes evident. That’s where our hero Kamen Rider Black Sun will have to step in to save the day!

What is the plot of Kamen Rider Black Sun?

The story begins when the King of Creation, the pinnacle of monsters, dies and elects a “King of the Century” to inherit his power. In the year 2022, half a century has passed since the nation declared the coexistence between humans and monsters.

However, although monsters are allowed to live among humans the ones, who are living in human form, are often oppressed and repeatedly end up clashing with prejudiced humans. As such incidents become more frequent tensions start to rise between the humans and monsters and violent outbreaks become an everyday occurrence.

As the chasm between humans and monsters continues to widen, a girl, who dreams of harmony between the two races, meets a man, who just might change everything.

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Who are the cast members?

Kamen Rider Black Sun cast members include:

  • Hidetoshi Nishijima – Kotaro Minami
  • Tomoya Nakamura – Nobuhiko Akizuki
  • Takahiro Miura – Bilgenia
  • Takuma Otoo – Bat Mutant
  • Gaku Hamada – Whale Mutant
  • Pretty Ota – Baraom
  • Yo Yoshida – Bishum
  • Baijaku Nakamura – Darom

From the cast reveals alone we can see our hero will be fighting a bat and whale mutant monster just in time for Halloween!

Who are the members of the production team?

Kamen Rider Black Sun production team members include:

  • Original creator – Shotaro Ishinomori (created the original characters)
  • Director – Kazuya Shiraishi
  • Scriptwriter – Isumi Takahashi
  • Co-production – Ishimori Productions and Toei
  • Distribution – Amazon Prime Video
  • Music composer – Kenta Matsukuma
  • Concept Art – Chikara Imamura
  • Conceptual Visuals – Shinji Higuchi
  • Special effects director – Kiyotaka Taguchi

Are you looking forward to Kamen Rider Black Sun? Are you looking forward to seeing all the different monsters our hero will have to defeat this Halloween? Let us know in the comment section below!

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