Kawaisugi Crisis anime reveals main cast and Too Cute Crisis character designs

Kawaisugi Crisis key visual.
Kawaisugi Crisis key visual. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

On October 3, 2022, the staff for the anime adaptation of Mitsuru Kido’s Kawaisugi Crisis (Too Cute Crisis) sci-fi, comedy manga revealed the anime’s main cast and their character designs.

Synergy SP will produce the anime Kawaisugi Crisis and it is set to premiere in 2023!

Who are the cast members?

Kawaisugi Crisis cast members include:

  • Natsumi Fujiwara – Yozora
  • Yumiri Hanamori – Liza Luna
  • Jin Ogasawara – Seiji Mukai
  • Saya Aizawa – Kasumi Yanagi

On December 18, 2022, during Jump Festa’s second day Kawaisugi Crisis’ main cast will make an appearance at the Studio NEO area in Japan.

Picture of voice actress Yumiri Hanamori who plays Liza Luna.
Picture of voice actress Yumiri Hanamori who plays Liza Luna. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

I play Liza Luna, and along with the rest of the cast, we will make the anime Kawaisugi Crisis an anime that will make Yozora’s cuteness known to the whole universe! Our Yozora is the cutest in the universe!

Yumiri Hanamori commented at Natalie.mu
Picture of voice actress Natsumi Fujiwara who plays Yozora.
Picture of voice actress Natsumi Fujiwara who plays Yozora. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

I play Yozora. The reactions of the characters, especially Liza, to Yozora are really interesting and funny. I hope viewers will enjoy them. I hope you will be swept away by the cuteness of the animals.

Natsumi Fujiwara commented at Natalie.mu
Picture of voice actor Jin Ogasawara who plays Seiji Mukai.
Picture of voice actor Jin Ogasawara who plays Seiji Mukai. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

Seiji’s opinion on “Neko-san” is similar to mine, so when I heard I was getting the role my heart swelled. Seiji personifies all the people who love cute things in Japan. I want everyone to have kawaii (cute) things in their lives.

Jin Ogasawara commented at Natalie.mu
Picture of voice actress Saya Aizawa who plays Kasumi Yanagi.
Picture of voice actress Saya Aizawa who plays Kasumi Yanagi. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

I actually auditioned for several roles in the series and was surprised that I managed to nab my favorite one and the one I consider to be the best. I think viewers will find it to be a very soothing show. I hope fans of the manga will look forward to it!

Saya Aizawa commented at Natalie.mu

The official Twitter account for the anime adaptation of Kawaisugi Crisis also revealed the chance to win a cute poster. In order to participate simply follow the account and Retweet the post.

What is the plot of Kawaisugi Crisis?

The story begins when a spacecraft arrives at Earth from the Azatos Empire. Its alien crew gazes out at the Earth and they try to decide if its current civilization is worth keeping. A female officer named Liza thinks they should just destroy the current civilization with a “death fog” and extract the planet’s minerals and water.

Liza’s fellow officer tells her not to be hasty and that she should go down to Earth in order to experience its current culture, history, nature, and ideas since there might be something among them that would be beneficial to the Azatos Empire.

Liza reluctantly agrees to go down to Earth and have a look. Liza winds up in Japan, and in order to investigate Earth’s cuisine, she decides to have a cup of tea at a café. However, she doesn’t end up entering a normal café, but a cat café. One may ask, “What is a cat café?”

A cat café is where patrons go to have a cup of coffee or tea and also enjoy the chance to pet or play with a cat at the same time. Cat cafes are usually filled with lots of friendly cats that will automatically cozy up to their patrons in order to get pats on their heads, get belly rubs, or get people to play with them using the toys provided. Patrons are also able to take “selfies” with the adorable cats.

When Liza enters the café she comes face-to-face with a cat for the very first time. The cats’ soft fur, big gleaming eyes, and padded paws instantly captivate her. When Liza compares a cat’s cuteness level to the Universe’s 3 cutest creatures – there’s just no comparison!

When Liza distractedly explains to the confused barista that she is an alien and that’s why she’s never seen a cat before he just rolls with it since he’s used to dealing with difficult customers. Liza can’t help but recall her childhood pet – a Benila.

She used to think her Benila was cute along with its balloon-like texture when you pet it, but now that she’s seen a cat she can’t think of her Benila as having been cute at all. She explains to the barista that she was devastated when her Benila came in 6th place during a cute pet contest but now she doesn’t care.

The Captain of the ship contacts Liza and asks if there are any “cute animals” on Earth that would make it worth sparing. Liza realizes that if the Captain sees a cat he will instantly fall in love with it, become overwhelmed by its level of cuteness, and ignore all of his other pets. Since Liza feels sorry for the Captain’s pets she decides to keep the secret of the existence of the cutest animal in the universe a secret for now and promises her Captain that she will do her best to find a “cute animal”.

Where can I read the manga?

On October 4, 2019, Mitsuru Kido launched her manga Kawaisugi Crisis in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine, and its chapters have been collected in six tankobon volumes as of October 2022. Kawaisugi Crisis manga is also available on Shonen Jump+.

Are you looking forward to the anime Kawaisugi Crisis? (As a cat lover, I know I am!) Let us know in the comment section below!

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