KimiZero anime adaptation revealed by key visual

Key visual for Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Inexperienced Me.
A key visual for Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Inexperienced Me. Pic credit:

On September 9, 2022, the staff for Makiko Nagaoka’s KimiZero (full title: Keiken Zumi na Kimi to, Keiken Zero na Ore ga, Otsukiai Suru Hanashi; fan translation: “Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Inexperienced Me”) light novel series announced it would be getting an anime adaptation.

A KimiZero key visual commemorating the announcement was also released (see below).

Key visual for the upcoming anime KimiZero.
The first key visual for the upcoming KimiZero anime. Pic credit:

Makiko Nagaoka wrote the light novel’s story while magako did the illustrations. Magako created a special illustration in commemoration of the story getting an anime adaptation, which can be seen here:

Celebratory illustration by magako for the upcoming anime KimiZero.
A celebratory illustration by magako for the upcoming KimiZero anime. Pic credit:

What is the plot of KimiZero?

The story centers on a Japanese high school student named Ryuuto Kashima, who has a gloomy personality and EMO air about him as the school’s outcast. He admires from afar the most beautiful and popular girl in his class — Runa Shirakawa. However, as part of a punishment game, he is forced to ask her out! In an unexpected turn of events, Runa simply replies with: “Sure. I’m free right now.”

Ryuuto never would have expected that he’d get to go out with the sunny girl when he is her exact opposite. She’s also not the easiest girl to date due to the fact she’s a gyaru (punk) with a lot of experience in dating and a fiery personality. Ryuuto thinks their relationship is doomed before it even begins due to their different social circles and hobbies but as they get to know one another, their differences become something to bond over.

In the manga adaptation, the way that Ryuuto and Runa start dating is slightly different. Ryuuto has a crush on Runa and eventually decides to confess that he is in love with her. After his confession, Runa surprises him by saying they should “hook up”. What will Ryuuto do when Runa suddenly suggests that they get intimate on their very first date? You’ll have to wait for the anime to find out!

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Who are the production team members?

KimiZero production team members include:

  • Director — Hideaki Ooba (Love of Kill, Pandalian, Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist)
  • Animation — Studio ENGI
  • Scriptwriter — Hiroko Fukuda (Taisho Otome Fairy Tale, Gekijouban Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san)
  • Character designs — Yousuke Itou (Holmes of Kyoto, The Detective Is Already Dead)

Where can I read the light novel series?

On September 19, 2020, Makiko Nagaoka launched the KimiZero light novel series under Fujimi Shobou’s Fujimi Fantasia Book imprint with illustrations by magako. As of February 19, 2022, four volumes have been published.

Where can I read the manga adaptation?

On February 23, 2022, a manga adaptation illustrated by Noyama Carpaccio began serialization in Square Enix’s Gangan Online web service. So far, a single tankoubon volume has been released.

Are you looking forward to the anime KimiZero? Let us know in the comment section below!

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