KonoSuba Aqua figure bares her legs in NFSW bunny girl suit

God's Blessing on this Wonderful World
Aqua kicks things up in this new bare-legged 1/4 figure. Pic credit: FREEing

Aqua is back with a new bare-legged version of her 1/4 bunny girl figure. She stands at about 15 inches with a base, and the details are phenomenal!

Her hair is a beautiful mix of blue hues, and her suit and shoes have a lovely shiny surface. She’s made out of PVC and ABS, and FREEing is the company that manufactured her.

Unfortunately, the KonoSuba Aqua figure is going to set you back $288.99 USD. So, unless you love Aqua or KonoSuba in general, or you love all things bunny girls, then I would hold off on buying her. Or look around and see what’s available. For example, you can purchase Aqua 1/4 scale bare leg figures on Crunchyroll, Good Smile Company, Lunar Toy Store, etc.

There’s also a Megumin bare leg bunny girl figure that goes with the KonoSuba Aqua figure. But, you’ll have to purchase her separately.

God's Blessing on this Wonderful World
Aqua and Megumin make very cute bunny girls. Pic credit: FREEing

Is there a KonoSuba Aqua 1/4 bunny without bare legs?

These days there are a lot of NSFW figures, and bare legs might not be for everyone. But fear not because there is an alternate figure that looks mainly identical to the bare legs version.

The only difference is stocking leg covers are made from authentic stocking material. But everything else is the same.

Both figures are made by FREEing and are available on the same sites. So finding one won’t be a problem, but I suggest looking around for a better deal.

Who is Aqua?

Aqua is a goddess of water and is in charge of reincarnation for Japan, which turned out to be a good thing for Kazuma since he died hilariously. But when it was time for Kazuma to begin his new life, he decided to force Aqua to come with him as his cheat item.

But this, too, worked against Kazuma because Aqua has very little knowledge of their world, and she’s very gullible. Common sense is not Aqua’s strong suit, but she plays a massive role in KonoSuba and the Axis Order.

Aqua has a chicken that she claims is a dragon named Emperor Zel. She’s often a crybaby, but she has more magic than anyone in Kazuma’s group as a goddess.

Aqua can easily make a living using her artistic skills, but she refuses to do so due to her greedy and lazy nature. Aqua purifies any water she touches, regardless of her intent.

She also spent all of her skill points on learning Party Tricks.

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