Kuroko’s Basketball anime anniversary project planned for 2022

kuroko-no-basket 10th anniversary project image, with all main characters.
The Kuroko no Basket generation of miracles characters. Pic credit: kurobasanime/twitter

If you’re an anime sports lover, then you’ve certainly seen Kuroko’s Basketball, also called Kuroko no Basuke. The highly-rated basketball anime is set to launch the “Kuroko’s basketball anniversary project”.

This is scheduled for April 2022, with thrilling new projects that fans all over the world are super excited about.

Kuroko’s basketball anime is an adaptation of the manga series written and illustrated by Fujimaki Tadatoshi. The manga started publication in December 2008, till September 2014.

The anime adaptation, however, aired from April 2012 to June 2015. The first season aired from April to September 2012, while the second season of the TV anime aired from 2013 to 2014, following the third season in 2015.

The end of the series was followed by a movie titled Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game in 2017. 

Kuroko’s Basketball anniversary project

Kuroko’s Basketball will launch its 10th Anniversary Projects will launch In April 2022 and was announced on its Twitter page.

The anniversary project will run for an entire year, 2022-2023, ending in March 2023. These projects or events include; the opening of the first official store of Kuroko’s Basketball, “Kurobas Official Store” which will sell the latest character merchandise.

The 10th Anniversary Project will feature a new song by GRANRODEO with Kensho Ono, Tetsuya Kuroko’s VA. Production IG, the anime company, will once again create an animated promotional video for the song.

Finally, a project that is greatly anticipated. The Ikebukuro Parco Department Store will host a year-long pop-up exhibition. Those lucky admirers can now attend a Kuroko-themed event as well.

Luckily, for those who aren’t in Japan, it’s not a theme park, but rather an event. The event will take place in Namja Town in Ikebukuro, and Namco amusement arcades will be providing prizes throughout the year.

Kuroko’s Basketball series was wholesome and satisfying. The Kuroko’s Basketball journey was a heavenly experience for viewers.

KNB’s 10th-anniversary projects will bring back memories of the Kuroko’s Basketball experience, this will be thrilling for the fans.

Are you looking forward to this event, check back for more updates on KNB and more.

The seiren baskeball team photo.
The main team photo. Pic credit: kurobasanime/twitter

The Kuroko’s Basketball story

Tetsuya Kuroko is a boy who doesn’t have much of a personality. His basketball abilities are sadly inadequate. Despite this, he is a member of the ‘Generation of Miracles’, a team of exceptional talents. 

Tetsuya Kuroko was a member of this Teikou Middle School basketball team, which dominated all other middle schools.

He could distribute the ball despite his lack of presence and basketball ability. Kuroko is the ‘Phantom Sixth Man,’ who is the ‘Generation of Miracles’ shadow.

Seijuro Akashi,  Ryota Kise, Shintaro Midorima, Daiki Aomine, and Atsushi Murasakibara all had potential and exceptional talent. But Kuroko’s great play set him apart, which is why he was important.

Nobody needed Kuroko once each of the five had their raw talent honed. The five teammates were idolized by their fans, but in end, decided to take different parts, and attended different high schools.

Kuroko joined Seirin High School in quest of a squad that might overcome the team once called ‘Generation of Miracle’.

He joined the basketball squad there and forged a partnership with Kagami, who had recently returned from the United States.

Kuroko’s previous teammates questioned his new team after they said Kuroko would be Kagami’s ‘shadow’ and Kagami would be “his light.”

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