Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale movie the best fan film ever? Ultimate Goku Super Saiyan form is a beast

The fan-made ghost rider version of Goku.
The fan-made ghost rider version of Goku. Pic credit: Studio Stray Dog

Since it has been around for so long, the Dragon Ball franchise has acquired one of the most passionate fan communities in all anime. Without Goku and Vegeta, it isn’t easy to understand how shonen would function as a whole. The two have evolved into the industry’s mascots.

This means that Dragon Ball has received a ton of tributes over the years, but they all fall short of a fresh one that adds to the Dragon Ball legends. The new fan movie Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale, which was just released, is pure Dragon Ball awesomeness.

Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale

Studio Stray Dog produced the anime short Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale. A note honoring series creator Akira Toriyama for inspiring “a generation of fans” was posted alongside the project’s YouTube release. The eleven-minute animated short is jam-packed with action, with Goku taking center stage in his blazing, ferocious Super Saiyan form.

The action is inspired by the animation style of the original anime. Vegeta battles Broly alongside Goku in a traditional Dragon Ball combat scenario, brought to life by vivid colors and an energetic soundtrack. Vegeta tries to persuade Goku to accept his duty as a Saiyan warrior in an open-ended scene in the movie that leaves lots of room for fans to speculate.

Check out the action-packed trailer below:


Fans may follow Vegeta in a universe where he reigns as king while watching the animated series, which incorporates elements from every chapter of Toriyama’s groundbreaking book. The prince is sent to Earth, where Goku is competing in another competition following news of Broly’s ludicrously high power levels. And as the film progresses, well, once its animation ramps up to full speed, your jaw will drop.

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Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale is the perfect ode to Toriyama’s adored series, and completing a masterpiece like this is no easy effort. It isn’t easy to think of another homage that does Dragon Ball justice, from its slick animation to its blink-and-you-miss-it choreography.

Dragon Ball: The generational franchise

With more than 300 million copies of the manga now in circulation, Dragon Ball is one of the most well-known manga/anime series of all time. The series first appeared in the 1980s, and since then, both anime and manga have had a significant impact. Dragon Ball is not just the second-best-selling manga series of all time but has also served as an influence for many other manga creators.

The most-watched fight shonen anime of all time is Dragon Ball Z. Despite being 40 years old, the series has remained relevant, and new films are still being released today, with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero scheduled to debut in August 2022. A new Dragon Ball 2023 anime project is also confirmed to be in production already. Unquestionably, the anime series Dragon Ball has established itself as a mainstay and significantly increased anime’s appeal on a global scale.

The legendary television series is partially based on the Chinese folktale Journey to the West. Son Goku, a young man with a monkey tail, is the main character of the anime series Dragon Ball, which centers on his quest to acquire all seven mythical Dragon Balls, which, when combined, can create a dragon that grants wishes. Although the first few arcs of the series are lighthearted and comical, later on, as the characters struggle with new challenges from all over the universe, Dragon Ball’s fanciful tone turns to a more action-oriented style. The Dragon Ball universe is expanding, and so are its foes, but Goku and his companions are there to save the day thanks to their martial arts prowess.

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Streaming options for Dragon Ball include Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu for some seasons. Viz Media has the manga available in English.

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KuroKoneko Kamen
2 months ago

This was brilliant! They should make the missing episode we all want: How did Bulma and Vegeta fall in love?

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