Love After World Domination anime adapts the rom-com superhero manga in Spring 2022

Love After World Domination promotional visual
Villainess Desumi Magahara, the Reaper Princess, sitting next to her boyfriend, hero, Fudo Aikawa, Red Gelato. Pic credit:

The Japanese manga Love After World Domination was written by Hiroshi Noda and illustrated by Takahiro Wakamatsu. Hiroshi Noda is also known for Ningyohime no Gomen ne Gohan manga and Isekai Shikkaku manga. Since October 2019 it has been serialized in Kodansha’s shonen manga magazine: Monthly Shonen Magazine.

The anime adaptation by Project No. 9 studio premiered on April 8, 2022, on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS Asahi, and TV Aichi. 

On April 11, 2022, Crunchyroll announced that the series will have a Love After World Domination English dub in the future. There will also be dubbed releases in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French. The series was moved to Crunchyroll after Sony’s acquisition and had been previously licensed by Funimation.

Superhero action to slice of life in five seconds

The story takes place in a realm where villains are trying to take over the world while heroes are trying to stop them. One evil organization known as the Secret Society Gekko managed to conquer half of the world. In order to stop Gekko’s further nefarious ambitions, the hero group ‘Freezing Sentai Gelato 5’ was formed.

The members of Freezing Sentai Gelato 5 are Red Gelato Fudo Aikawa (voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi), Blue Gelato Hayato Ojino (voiced by Kazuya Okitsu), Yellow Geltao Misaki Jinguji (voiced by Nene Hieda), Green Gelato Daigo Todoroki (voiced by Junji Majima), and Pink Gelato Haru Arisugawa (voiced by Rina Hidaka). Their leader is Professor Big Gelato (voiced by Chafurin).

Love After World Domination Freezing Sentai Gelatao 5 facing against Secret Society Gekko while Desumi and Fudo share a parfait.
A key visual for the Spring 2022 Love After World Domination anime. Pic credit: Studio Project No. 9

Just when things are looking up for the heroes Gekko recruits a new member: Desumi Magahara known as the ‘Reaper Princess’ (voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa). Word of Desumi’s fighting prowess reaches the heroes, and when the time comes to face her, Fudo decides that he will be the one to fight her in order to protect his comrades. Unexpectedly, Fudo ends up falling for Desumi ‘at first sight’, and his thoughts are plagued by her afterward.

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Professor Big Gelato notices that Fudo’s mind is up in the clouds and asks him the reason why. Fudo reveals that he’s fallen in love and is about to tell Professor Big that he’s fallen in love with a villainess when he gets cut off and Professor Big advises him to immediately confess his feelings to the woman he loves. When Fudo declares that he loves Desumi she surprisingly agrees to date him once she realizes he’s actually being serious.

Love After World Domination Desumi and Fudo stargaze.
A second key visual for the Love After World Domination anime. Pic credit: Studio Project No. 9

Desumi and Fudo have always been occupied with their villain and hero work respectively and as a result have no experience in romance making them completely clueless about dating. Amusing shenanigans ensue as Desumi and Fudo begin to date in secret and do their best to keep their taboo relationship a secret from their organizations.

Love After World Domination | OFFICIAL TRAILER
Crunchyroll’s Love After World Domination trailer.

The anime is being directed by Kazuya Iwata with Satoru Sugizawa overseeing the scripts, Akemi Kobayashi is doing character design, Satoshi Motoyama is working as the sound director, and Satoshi Hono and Ryunosuke Kasai are composing the music for the anime. 

Yukari Yamura prolific anime songstress sings opening

The opening theme song Koi wa Explosion (Love Is an Explosion) was composed by Masayoshi Oishi and features the renown singer Yukari Tamura. Yukari Tamura has sung many anime openings and endings including: C3’s opening Endless Story, Nourin’s opening Cordless Dere Phone, and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira opening Happy! Lucky! Dochy! to name a few.

オーイシマサヨシ - 恋はエクスプロージョン (feat.田村ゆかり)[Official Video]

The ending theme song is Koi wa Sekai Teiri to Tomo ni (Love Within the World Theorem) composed by the band Dialog+.

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