Love After World Domination English dub release date on Crucnhryoll, cast revealed

Desumi Megahara flustered when meeting Fudo Aikawa.
Desumi hides her affection for Aikawa. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The Love After World Domination English dub release date on Crunchyroll streaming is confirmed for April 22, 2022. The first dub episode will go live at exactly 2:15 PM PST.

Crunchyroll stated that a Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French dubs will also be available. Following Sony’s takeover, the series was licensed by Funimation and migrated to Crunchyroll.

Hiroshi Noda wrote and Takahiro Wakamatsu illustrated the Japanese manga Love After World Domination.

Ningyohime no Gomen ne Gohan manga and Isekai Shikkaku manga are among Hiroshi Noda’s other works.

Love After World Domination dub cast, crew, and more

Rom-com anime lovers! This is the ideal mix of Tokusatsu mayhem and the enemies-to-lovers cliché. This is what Love After World Domination brings to you.

The cast and crew for the English dub were also revealed.

The superhero (and supervillain) squad has arrived in full force:


  • Desumi is played by Lindsay Seidel (Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia) (Reaper Princess)
  • Misaki is played by Morgan Lauré (Kurenai in DECA-DENCE) (Yellow Gelato)
  • Hayato is played by Nazeeh Tarsha (Ard from The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody) (Blue Gelato)
  • Macy Haru is played by Anne Johnson (Marusan from SSSS.GRIDMAN) (Pink Gelato)
  • Daigo is played by Jason Lord (Green Gelato)
  • Professor Big Gelato is played by Charlie Campbell (Fujitora from One Piece).
  • Culverin Bear is played by Cris George (Rikido Sato from My Hero Academia).
  • Monty Thompson plays the role of narrator.

Jad Saxton directs the English dub, with Dallas Reid, Sara Ragsdale, and Caitlin Glass serving as assistants.

Also, the principal ADR engineer is Rickey Watkins, with Zachary Davis and Jameson Outlaw as assistants. Clint Bickham writes the English script, with Emily Neves overseeing.

Furthermore, Jennifer Alyx is in charge of ADR preparation. The ADR mix engineer is Neal Malley.

The anime Love After World Domination is directed by Kazuya Iwata (Cute Executive Officer) at Studio Project No.9.

Satoshi Sugisawa (Cute Executive Officer) composes the series and Akemi Kobayashi designs the characters (SUPER HXEROS chief animation director).

Love After World Domination couple. Fudo praises Desumi's beauty in front of the Cherry Blossoms.
Fudo praises the beauty of Desumi. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

Love After World Domination plot:

Two star-crossed lovers are at the core of “Love After World Domination.”

The first is Fudo Aikawa, aka Red Gelato, a “Power Rangers”-style tokusatsu hero. As the commander of the Gelato 5, Fudo battles the wicked Gekko organization.

Desumi Megahara (aka Princess of Death), one of Gekko’s most prominent henchmen, has swept him completely off his feet.

Yusuke Kobayashi and Ikumi Hasegawa play the two characters . Fumihiko Tachiki is the narrator of their tale.

The heroes learn about Desumi’s fighting skills, and when the time comes to face her, Fudo resolves to battle her himself in order to defend his colleagues.

Surprisingly, Fudo falls in love with Desumi ‘at first sight,’ and she plagues his thoughts after that.

Professor Big Gelato realizes that Fudo’s mind is wandering and inquires as to why.

Professor Big tells Fudo to express his feelings to the lady he loves.

He confesses that he’s fallen in love, but is faced with the dilemma of saying he’s fallen in love with a villainess.

Desumi and Fudo have always been preoccupied with their villain and hero roles, and as a result, they have no experience with romance and are absolutely naive when it comes to dating.

Desumi and Fudo start dating in secret and try to keep their controversial relationship hidden from their respective organizations, which leads to some amusing hijinks.

Will the love of the two enemies blossom? Check back for more updates about Desumi and Fudo.

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