Love Live! Superstar! Season 2 anime unveils four new characters in 2022

Love Live! Superstar season 2 visual.
Live Love! Official visual featuring the main characters. Pic credit: Love Live-Anime/website

The Love Live! Superstar Season 2 release date is expected to be in the summer of 2022.

The series originally tracked the formation of the Liella idol group by five first-year students at Yuigaoka all-girls high school. In Love Live! Superstar Season 2 anime, four new characters are due to join our idol group of five.

Read on to discover more about the series.

Love Live! Superstar! Season 2 New Characters and More

The primary Love Live! Superstar! Season 2 cast is increased by several more more ladies joining the idol anime’s five protagonists.

Sayuri Date plays Kanon Shibuya, Liyuu plays Tang Keke, Nako Misaki plays Chisato Arashi, Naomi Payton plays Sumire Heanna, and Nagisa Aoyama plays Ren Hazuki in the first season.

The following actors have joined the cast of Love Live! Superstar! :

  • Shiki Wakana
  • Kinako Sakurakoji
  • Mei Yoneme
  • Natsumi Onitsuka
Love Live! Superstar. new characters for season 2
New added characters for Love Live! Superstar! season 2.

A new image has also been revealed, featuring the new school idols chasing after the old protagonists. The additional characters have also been added to the anime’s member page.

The voice performers for the newly unveiled characters have yet to be announced.

Takahiro Kyougoku (Land of the Lustrous) is the director. Jukki Hanada (Granbelm) is the series composer. Yuuhei Murota (Love Live! Sunshine!!) is the original character designer. Atsushi Saitou (Blackfox) is the character designer for the first season. 

Sunrise Studios is the animation production company for Love Live! Superstar! Season 2.

Love Live! Superstar! story summary

The Love Live Superstar anime series is the fourth in the overall Love Live! franchise.

The first season debuted as part of the Summer 2021 anime season on July 11th, 2021.

The series is unique for having an open audition for Kanon Shibuya, the main character.

The former Jinguu Music Academy’s building was slated to be razed, but one alumni acquired it and revived it as Yuigaoka Girls’ High School.

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Yuigaoka features a specific music course in addition to the main course, owing to its origins as a music academy.

Kanon Shibuya, a gifted singer, intended to enroll in the music program but was unable to do so owing to her difficulty performing in public since she was a kid. Since then, she has accepted the fact that her musical career is gone.

An accidental encounter with New Transfer Student Keke Tang, on the other hand, enables her to discover school idols. This reignited her enthusiasm for music and gave her hope that she may be able to overcome her flaw.

They ultimately establish “Liella!” alongside former child star Sumire Heanna, Kanon’s childhood friend Chisato Arashi, and Yuigaoka’s Student Council President Ren Hazuki to form Yuigaoka’s school idol group.

Are you excited for Love Live! Superstar! Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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