Lycoris Recoil release date, new key visual, ED theme song music artist, and more staff announced

New key visual for the upcoming anime Lycoris Recoil.
New key visual for the upcoming anime Lycoris Recoil. Pic credit: @lycoris_recoil/Twitter

The Lycoris Recoil release date is confirmed for July 2, 2022.

The anime will premiere in Japan on Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, BS11, Asashi Broadcasting Corporation TV, Metele, AT-X, and the streaming service Abema. Lycoris Recoil will be Shingo Adachi’s directorial debut, but has previous experience as a character design and chief animation director for Sword Art Online and Wagnaria!! (Working!!).

Lycoris Recoil will be produced by Studio A-1 Pictures. The official website for director Shingo Adachi’s original TV anime Lycoris Recoil released a new key visual featuring fan-favorite character Chisato Nishikigi playfully making a gun with her hand since Chisato may not only serve you a good cup of coffee at Lyco-Reco Café, but also take care of your little zombie problem.

In December 2021 the series production was announced. Asaura, known for their work on Ben-To, has created an original story for the anime series. Imigimuru (This Art Club Has a Problem!) is in charge of character designs with Kimika Onai designing the character’s uniforms.

On June 12, 2022, it was announced that SPY X FAMILY’s Shuhei Mutsuki will compose the music. Mutsuki is also known for his work in the anime series Fairy Gone and Three Leaves, Three Colors.

SPY X FAMILY’S Shuhei Mutsuki and Sayuri team up to make musical magic

Japanese singer, musician, and songwriter Sayuri will perform the Lycoris Recoil ED (ending) theme song titled “Hana no To (Flower Tower)”.

The music artist’s works have been used in other popular anime. On March 1, 2017, Sayuri released her 5th single titled Parallel Line, which was used as the ending song for the popular romance anime Scum’s Wish. On February 28, 2018, her single Tsuki to Hanataba was featured as the ending theme song for the anime Fate/Extra Last Encore.

New key visual for the upcoming anime Lycoris Recoil.
New key visual for the upcoming anime Lycoris Recoil. Pic credit: @lycoris_recoil/Twitter

A fun, quirky slice-of-life anime depicting absurd daily life

The story revolves around the daily lives of a group of eccentric individuals who work at a café in the old downtown area of Tokyo named Lyco-Reco (Riko-Riko). The staff of the café includes:

  • the cheerful Chisato Nishikigi (played by Chika Anzai)
  • the more reserved and serious Takina Inoue (played by Shion Wakayama)
  • the marriage-obsessed Mizuki Nakahara (played by Ami Koshimizu)
  • the unmotivated Kurumi (played by Misaki Kuno)
  • the café manager Mika (played by Kosuke Sakaki).
Key visual for the upcoming anime Lycoris Recoil.
Key visual for the upcoming anime Lycoris Recoil. Pic credit: @lycoris_recoil/Twitter

When you visit Lyco-Reco café you may order a cup of delicious coffee or a sugary sweet, but the café also gives a little extra service and deals with kid problems, business negotiations, love advice, and one-on-ones about zombies and monsters, and more. Their business slogan is “No matter what you order, we will serve it up!”

The first trailer for the upcoming anime Lycoris Recoil.

The newly announced staff members are:

  • Assistant Director – Yusuke Maruyama
  • Sub-Character Design – Yumiko Yamamto
  • Chief Animation Directors – Yumiko Yamamoto, Gou Suzuki, Yukari Takeuchi, Kouji Akitaka
  • Main Animator – Kenji Sawada
  • Prop Design – Dana Shuhara
  • Art Director – Hotaka Okamoto, Maiko Ikeda
  • Art Setting – Munashichi
  • Color Key Artist – Azusa Sasaki
  • CG Director – Toshitaka Morioka
  • Compositing Director of Photography – Toshiaki Aoshima
  • Editing – Hitomi Sudo
  • Sound Director – Kohei Yoshida
  • Music – Shuhei Mutsuki

If you’re lucky enough to live in Tokyo, Japan, on June 12, 2022, the voice actresses Anzai and Wakayama appeared at an advanced screening of the first three episodes of the anime at TOHO CINEMAS Kinshicho Rakutenchi theater, and you may have caught a glimpse of them!

Voice actresses Anzai and Wakayama at the screening of the anime Lycoris Recoil.
Anzai and Wakayama at the screening of the anime Lycoris Recoil. Pic credit: @lycoris_recoil/Twitter

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