Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume no Tojimari movie gets a new blazing trailer

Suzume no Tojimari Trailer 1 visual
Suzume no Tojimari Trailer 1 visual. Pic credit: Comix Wave films

Suzume no Tojimari, the next big movie from renowned director Makoto Shinkai, has a brand-new trailer!

The movie will be released in theaters all around Japan on November 11, 2022.

The Suzume no Tojimari USA release date and international premiere will be in early 2023. Exact dates will be announced in the future.

Due to the commercial successes of films like Your Name and Weathering With You, Shinkai has maintained his position as one of the most well-known directors of recent anime films. Rumors of the creator’s upcoming project began to circulate in early 2021 after he revealed that work on it had not only started but also that it was well underway at the time of the previous update.

Fans have already seen the first trailer for the upcoming film. Here is the second trailer for Suzume no Tojimari.

Suzume no Tojimari new trailer

The following is what Shinkai had to say about working on Suzume no Tojimari:

“Suzume is in charge of closing doors as she travels across Japan, therefore we must consider how to close the many doors we left open. I sincerely hope that after watching this movie, fans will be filled with joy as they leave the theater.”

You can view the latest teaser trailer for Shinkai’s upcoming film below to get an idea of what to anticipate:

Suzume, a 17-year-old girl who resides in a peaceful rural village in Japan’s southern Kyushu island, is the subject of the movie. Suzume feels compelled to open a door she finds standing by itself in the center of a derelict and abandoned building. When she does, however, identical doors unexpectedly materialize all around Japan, causing havoc and damage everywhere they appear.

Suzume no Tojimari staff and more

The director, story, and script for Toho and CoMix Wave Films‘ upcoming films are all ascribed to Makoto Shinkai.

Character design will be done by Masayoshi Tanaka, the animation will be directed by Kenichi Tsuchiya, and the art direction will be done by Takumi Tanji.

Currently, Hayao Miyazaki, the most well-known director of Studio Ghibli, is usually compared to Shinkai, one of the biggest names in the anime industry.

Before transitioning to anime with his self-produced short She and Her Cat, the filmmaker began his career at video game developer Falcom (Ys, Trails in the Sky). After completing the critically praised Voices of a Distant Star in 2000, Shinkai went on to produce his first full-length film, The Place Promised In Our Early Days, which was widely lauded when it was published in 2004. Your Name, a love comedy that became the first non-Studio Ghibli animation movie to gross over $100 million in Japan, became Shinkai’s breakthrough hit in 2016.

What did you think of Suzume no Tojimari the newest movie by Makoto Shinkai? What do you think of his earlier works? What do you hope will happen this time? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section.

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