Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime TV show confirmed by manga Volume 12 announcement

Key visual for the manga Mashle.
Key visual for the manga Mashle. Pic credit:

Black Clover fans and fans of fantasy shonen manga are in for a real treat now that the Mashle anime TV show has been officially confirmed.

Reliable anime leakers have recently tweeted that the Mashle: Magic and Muscle anime was announced by a promotional card for manga Volume 12, which is coming out in Japan on July 4, 2022. (Coincidentally, the Mashle manga’s ending is coming up since the final arc begins in Volume 12.)

Mashle Anime Confirmed
The Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime TV show was confirmed by this promotional card for manga Volume 12. Pic credit: Jump Comics

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Komoto. Since January 2020, the manga has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and its chapters have been collected into 11 tankobon volumes as of May 2022.

The manga’s English version has been digitally serialized by Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Official Manga Trailer | Mashle: Magic and Muscles | VIZ
The official trailer for the Mashle manga by Viz Media.

What is the plot of Mashle?

The story is set in a magical world where an individual’s position in society is determined by the power and skill of their magic. Unfortunately, for one young man named Mash Burnedead he doesn’t have so much as an ounce of magic in his blood. In the eyes of everyone else in this magic-dominated world Mash is a threat to the gene pool that must be purged.

Mash is determined to live a peaceful life with his adoptive father, and do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. While living secretly in the forest, Mash starts to train his body, building his muscles until he deems them strong enough to compete with magic! When Mash’s identity as a magicless freak is discovered and his peaceful life becomes threatened, Mash decides he will need to become a “Divine Visionary” – a role so esteemed in his world that society will have to accept his existence.

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The title of “Divine Visionary” is only given to exceptional students from Easton Magic Academy, however. Regardless of the fact Mash possesses no magic he decides to attend the magic school and is determined to survive its challenges in order to show the world that muscles can beat magic. While enrolled at Easton Magic Academy, Mash competes against the children of some of the most powerful and elite witches and wizards in the realm.

Mash’s opponents tend to underestimate him since he appears to be at a disadvantage, but Mash intends to fight his way through every trial using his fists alone, overcoming magic with muscles in surprising and innovative ways, all for the illustrious title of Divine Visionary!

The cover of volume 1 of the Mashle manga.
The cover of volume 1 of the Mashle manga. Pic credit:

Who are the main characters in Mashle?

The hero of the story is Mash Burnedead – a young man who was born without magic, but who is determined to use his physical strength to overcome magical challenges. Mash’s favorite food is cream puffs and is seen eating them frequently in the manga. Mash has a blunt personality and stoic expression, but deep down Mash is a kind and selfless person.

Finn Ames is Mash’s roommate at the academy and plays the “straight man” due to the other characters’ bizarre antics. Finn’s older brother is a Divine Visionary. Finn’s unique magical ability allows his to change places with another person.

Lance Crown is Mash’s rival in the story. When his sister comes down with a disease that will strip away her magic, Lance decides that the only way to protect her life is to become a Divine Visionary. If he fails in this there is the danger that his sister will be killed according to the country’s law against non-magical people. Even though Lance has a sister-complex his heart is in the right place. Lance’s magic allows him to manipulate gravity.

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Dot Barrett is Mash’s self-proclaimed school rival. Dot is hotheaded and has a bit of a superiority complex, but deep down he’s a good person. His magical affinity is for explosion magic.

Lemon Irvine is Mash’s self-proclaimed fiancé. Due to the fact that Lemon’s family is poor she aims to provide them with a better life by attending Easton Magic Academy. During a test where Mash helps her out and offers her words of comfort she misunderstands his words to be a marriage proposal. Lemon is a soft-spoken yet kooky girl.

Are you looking forward to the new anime adaptation of Mashle? Let us know in the comment section below!

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