Migi and Dali anime trailer reveals adaptation of seinen manga revenge story about anime twins

Cover of Volume 3 of Migi and Dali.
Cover of Volume 3 of Migi and Dali. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

On August 7, 2022, the staff of the Migi and Dali anime announced its upcoming anime adaptation by Frontier Engine and Geek Toys. They also revealed the main cast and released a trailer.

Migi and Dali (Migi to Dali) is a Japanese manga series by Nami Sano about a pair of identical twin boys who assume a single identity in order to investigate the people around them and avenge their mother’s murder.

The trailer highlights the strong bond the twins shared with their mother despite the obvious hardships they had to endure in poverty. Later, the bomb is dropped that their mother is unjustly murdered and the twins decide they won’t let the culprit get away with it.

You can watch the trailer for Migi and Dali on Nikkatsu Animation’s official YouTube channel here:

The official trailer for the upcoming anime Migi and Dali.

Who will star as Migi and Dali?

Picture of Shun Horie (on the left) and Ayumu Murase (on the right).
Picture of Shun Horie (on the left) and Ayumu Murase (on the right). Pic credit: @natalie.mu

The voice actors, who will star as the twins, have been announced. Migi will be played by Shun Horie and Dali will be played by Ayumu Murase.

The anime TV series will be directed and written by Mankyu with Ayumi Nishibata in charge of character design and Hiroko Sebu composing the series’ music.

From July 2017 to November 2021, Migi and Dali was serialized in (Kadokawa) Enterbrain’s seinen manga magazine Harta and its chapters were collected in seven tankobon volumes.

Key visual for the upcoming anime Migi and Dali.
Key visual for the upcoming anime Migi and Dali. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

What is the plot of Migi and Dali?

The mystery story revolves around a pair of handsome twin boys, who have a dark, haunting past. The story begins with the twins living in an orphanage in Origon Village – a new town modeled after an American suburb in Kita-ku, Kobe City in 1990. When a married couple that has no children arrives at the orphanage in search of a boy to adopt the twins decide on a plan in order to ensure getting adopted.

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One boy at the orphanage fascinates Sonoyama and his wife in particular since he appears to be both beautiful and intelligent. They decide to adopt Hitori, but his secret is that he’s really Migi and Dali, who switch places in order to investigate the wealthy residents of Origon Village where their mother was unjustly murdered when they were just children. Together the twins work together to seek the truth behind their mother’s death and bring the culprit to justice.

Volume 1 cover of Migi and Dali.
The cover of Migi and Dali Volume 1. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

What other anime features twins?

While you’re waiting for the anime Migi and Dali to be released, I’d recommend watching the romantic comedy Ouran High School Host Club, which features the Hitachiin Brothers. The story revolves around the escapades of Haruhi Fujioka – a scholarship student at the prestigious Ouran Academy located in Bunkyo, Tokyo. Haruhi has trouble fitting in due to the fact Ouran Academy is a school for rich kids.

One day, Haruhi is wandering around the school and looking for a quiet place to study when she unknowingly enters the Ouran Academy Host Club’s domain, which was originally the Third Music Room. Haruhi is greeted by six flashy male students, who act as hosts to female students, who have too much time on their hands.

The hosts dress up in cosplay and offer the female students sweets and tea in their spare time. The leader of the club, Tamaki Suoh, is the prince type, Kyoya Ootori is the “shadow leader” of the club, Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka is the boy lolita type, Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka is the strong and silent type, and Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are twins who exhibit “brotherly love”, which the female clients seem to enjoy.

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The twins are mischievous and like to tease people with a game called, “Which one is Hikaru?” The twins challenge girls to guess which twin is which, and no one has ever gotten it right until Haruhi Fujioka steps into their lives.

During their initial encounter, Haruhi accidentally knocks into and destroys an antique vase valued at 8,000,000 yen (around 80,000 USD) and Kyoya decides Haruhi will have to work off the debt as the club’s “errand boy”. Haruhi is chagrined by the fact her current slovenly attire, and short hair have caused her to be mistaken for a boy, but can’t be bothered to correct their mistake.

Eventually, the hosts figure out that Haruhi is actually a girl, and once she’s cleaned up Kyoya decides she looks like a handsome, young boy and that in order to pay off her debt she will work as a host in their club instead of just being a mere errand boy. Tamaki Suoh is conflicted about how he should feel about Haruhi after discovering she’s a girl, and begins to develop romantic feelings towards her.

You can watch a trailer for Ouran High School Host Club that is currently streaming on Netflix here:

Ouran High School Host Club - Classic - Available on Blu-ray and DVD on 6.26.12 - Trailer
The official trailer for Ouran High School Host Club.

Are you looking forward to the anime Migi and Dali? Are you fans of the twins, the Hitachiin Brothers? What other anime twins do you like? Let us know in the comment section below!

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