Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 anime announcement teased for May 12, 2022

Picture of Mob surrounded by his friends, by Studio Bones.
The anime character Mob is surrounded by some of his friends. Pic credit: Studio Bones

Mob Psycho 100 fans are excited today because the official Mob Psycho Twitter account has teased fans by asking them to keep an eye on Mob’s birthday – May 12, 2022.

In other words, they are hinting that information about the long-awaited Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 is going to be released on Mob’s birthday!

It has been two and a half years since Season 2’s finale. The trailer for Season 3 was released 4 months ago causing fans of the show to wonder what the delay is since Season 2 was released only 1 month after that season’s trailer was released.

The delay may be caused by the fact that Studio Bones has only 80 employees and is divided into 5 smaller studios. Each studio concentrates on its own animation project. One of these sub-studios is handling My Hero Academia, for example. The animation quality in Mob Psycho 100 and My Hero Academia is amazing, and to get that quality of animation takes more time.

PV image from the upcoming Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 by Studio Bones.
The key visual for the upcoming Mob Psycho 100 Season 3. Pic credit: Yoshimichi Kameda

Fans of Mob Psycho 100 have started a count-down on SNS

A character designer staff member revealed the release date in his Twitter bio for some time in 2022, which has made fans grow even more impatient for the release.

Twitter bio of character designer staff member for Mob Psycho 100.
Character designer Mob Psycho 100 staff member’s Twitter bio. Pic credit: @Twitter

With the Mob Psycho 100 manga anniversary coming up on April 18, 2022 we may be getting another announcement so stay tuned here at Anime Geek for more news.

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The Mob Psycho 100 team comment on the upcoming season

On the official Mob Psycho 100 Japanese website ONE commented:

“I have a production announcement for the third season. Thank you very much. The anime version is a wonderful work that is independent as an anime mob, not limited to the frame of animation due to the ingenuity of the production team, so if you have not watched it yet, please watch the 1st and 2nd anime version during this period. I would be very happy if you could. Thanks to everyone who has always supported the mobs. Thank you very much. I’m really looking forward to the new season too!”

General manager Yuzuru Tachikawa commented:

“Sorry I made you wait! A mysterious countdown has begun on SNS lol, and I think it has fueled my expectations. I myself wrote Mob, who is envious of the third stage. It’s not just an impatient play! From the second term of 2019 to a little over two years, finally! At last! We are ready to inform you of the 3rd production decision! We will welcome new staff and make it even more powerful, so please wait for the tension to explode after watching the PV! Mob-kun!”

Director Takahiro Hasui commented:

“This is the first animation of Mob Psycho 100 in 3 years. I participated in the pervious series as a director, but this time I will change my position to support Director Tachikawa. I would like to continue to animate this term without changing the taste and fun of Mob Psycho. Please wait for a while until the broadcast. Stay tuned for Mob Psycho 100!”

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アニメ「モブサイコ100 Ⅲ」制作決定PV
Official teaser trailer for Mob Psycho 100 Season 3.

Character design for Season 3 will be handled by Yoshimichi Kameda. Series composition – Hiroshi Seko. Sound director – Kazuhiro Wakabayashi. Music will be composed by Kenji Kawaii.

Voice actor Setsuo Ito who plays Shiego Kageyama commented:

“The third season of the anime Mob Psycho 100 has been decided! Thank you to everyone who has been waiting! I myself have always wanted to continue and watch it. It’s been 5 years since I first met Mob. This work can be said to be home to me. I’m really happy to be able to deliver this work to everyone by playing Mob again. I will do my best to express the charm of Mob Psycho 100!”

Voice actor Takahiro Sakurai who plays Reigen Shintaka commented:

“I’m Takahiro Sakurai, I voice the role of Shintaka Reigen. The production of the third season had been decided. I am very happy as one of the Mob Psycho fans and am serious about my work as a member of the cast. I want to see it soon! I’m looking forward to it!”

Akio Otsuka will be voicing Ekbo. Miyu Irino will voice Ritsu Kageyama. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will voice Teruki Hanazawa.

Season 2 showed the emergence of the Divine Tree, which grew from the broccoli seed that mob, kept in his pocket, the same event that ended the ‘World Domination Arc’ in Volume 12 of the manga.

Image from the manga Mob Psycho 100, story by ONE.
Mob Psycho 100 manga image of the Divine Tree. Pic credit: @ONE

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 would cover the final three arcs – the Divine Tree Arc, the ‘Telepathy Mini-Arc’ and the ‘???% Arc’.

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