Mou Ippon! anime release date in Winter 2023 revealed by Ippon Again! trailer

Ippon Again! New teaser visual for anime release photo
Main characters of Ippon Again on the teaser cover. Pic credit: Ippon again/website

The Mou Ippon! (Ippon Again!) anime release date has been confirmed for January 2023, the Winter 2023 anime season. The announcement included an Ippon Again! trailer.

The news was verified in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Champion magazine’s 32nd edition.

Yu Muraoka wrote and drew the Japanese manga series Mou Ippon! Since October 2018, it has been published in Weekly Shonen Champion, Akita Shoten’s shonen manga magazine.

The Manga has 17 tankobon volumes available in Japan. Beginning May 6, 2022, the manga’s volume 18 will be available in Japan.

We received a lovely new key visual and a teaser video, with both the Mou Ippon! key visual and trailer displaying a stunning art style.

Ippon Again! anime release date and more

Japanese animation studio BAKKEN RECORD is producing the anime, which will premiere in January 2023.

The official website for the forthcoming anime has also been launched as part of this announcement.

The ladies’ judo anime, one of a plethora of sports anime on the way, is based on Yu Muraoka’s manga.

A short teaser trailer for the TV anime adaptation has been unveiled. Take a look at the Mou Ippon teaser trailer


The anime is still almost a year away from release, so there isn’t much to see now, but what we do see is beautiful.

Takeru Ogiwara (Episode Director of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations) is directing the Mou Ippon! anime.

Aya Satsuki (My Master Has No Tail) is in charge of series composition.

Airi Takekawa is in charge of character designs and chief animation (Carole & Tuesday key animation).

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Ippon Again! anime story synopsis

According to the manga’s comprehensive summary, the anime will be set in a high school girl’s Judo club in Japan’s Saitama prefecture.

Michi Sonoda will be the protagonist of the story. She decided to withdraw from the sport after she wins her third-year Judo competition.

She ended up fighting a very powerful opponent, and she only lost by “Ippon,” or one point, after the battle. Michi had passed out from the shime-waza strangling method during her battle.

She was able to get into a high school of her choosing a few months after she was defeated, and she ended up at Aoba West High. She expected to have a fantastic day at school but instead found herself in a martial arts hall, where she was reunited with Towa Hiura, the girl she had lost to in her previous junior high tournament.

Towa had already chosen to join the Judo club when they began sparring together. Michi, on the other hand, managed to knock Towa off her feet.

Sanae Takigawa, who was observing in the background, ended up asking Michi back to the Judo club after seeing how energetic she was during her bout.

Are you excited for Mou Ippon or Ippopn Again? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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