My Hero Academia Chapter 370 reveals Shoji’s face and dark past

Shoji with his arm quirk
Shoji with his arm quirk. Pic credit: Studio Bones

Tragic origin stories are high on the list of things fans should expect from My Hero Academia. Our beloved heroes and villains’ backstories have repeatedly torn our hearts. Even the most inconspicuous kids are carrying trauma on their backs.

And now due to My Hero Academia Chapter 370, we know what kind of burden Shoji, the masked hero, has been bearing all this time.

Shoji’s face reveal and dark past

Shoji and the other Heteromorph member of Class 1-A happened to be placed on a battlefield controlled by heteromorph villains and misled citizens alike. On this front, the heroes are defending Jaku Hospital, where the High-End Nomu, Kurogiri, is being held captive from invasion. The remnants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, led by the League of Villains’ Spinner, are laying siege to the hospital. Since they outnumber the defending Pro-Heroes by nearly 15,000 to 200, it’s just a matter of time before they succeed.

All the heteromorphs here experience Shoji’s misery of ostracism and forced conformity. Unfortunately, All For One has exploited their anti-social sentiments in the form of a puppeteered Spinner and is using them as pawns in his selfish quest for world dominance. When the heteromorphs saw Shoji attack Spinner in My Hero Academia Chapter 370, they beat him to the ground, pulling off his mask and labeling him a traitor because he shared a Quirk category with them.

Shoji after he was unmasked in chapter 370
Shoji after he was unmasked in chapter 370. Pic credit: Manga Plus

Shoji’s response to this harassment was straightforward. He did not dismiss their legitimate anti-social aim but instead pleaded with them to reconsider their conduct. He wondered what their discrimination had to do with attacking the hospital and reminded them that the heroes they despised had at least ensured that every innocent person, regardless of Quirk type, was evacuated before launching their raid on the hospital.

Shoji linked himself firmly against them, reminding the thronging audience that he would not let injustice stand because their distorted cause didn’t take into account the amount of suffering the heteromorphs’ hospital invasion would do to innocent residents.

Shoji’s dark past

Shoji decided to always wear a mask before enrolling at UA. As a result, his classmates have never questioned his decision, either because they are too polite or because they are apathetic because they have never known Shoji any other way. Forever covering his face was a deeply personal decision that he was not forced to make, but the process that led to this decision was heartbreaking.

Characters with heteromorphic Quirks in My Hero Academia have all endured some societal rejection because of their looks, which is an unpleasant commonality. Shoji was no exception, and one of his defining moments occurred when the sight of his open face prompted a young girl to cry.

Shoji has since chosen to wear a mask in order to be more welcoming to others. Shoji’s drive for acceptability may be impeding his complete self-expression, but MHA Chapter 370 demonstrated that he still takes pride in his heteromorph status.

What are your thoughts on the manga’s Shoji bombshell? Do you like the final act of My Hero Academia thus far? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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