My Hero Academia Season 5 OVA episode release dates announced for worldwide premiere

My Hero academia Baseball OVA key visual.
My Hero Academia Baseball OVA key visual. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The My Hero Academia franchise is currently hard at work on its entire My Hero Academia Season 6 return later this year. Still, the series has established release dates for when fans all over the world will be able to check out the new My Hero Academia Season 5 OVA episodes for the summer!

The anime will return this Fall with the most dramatic arc of the adaptation yet. Fans can take a breather this summer with two special new episodes outside the main tale. The first of these specials is now airing in Japan, and fans in other countries have been wondering why they won’t be able to see it.

My Hero Academia’s new OVA’s worldwide release

My Hero Academia took the stage with a special new event showing part of the anime’s future. It formally revealed that the two new OVA specials currently screening in Japan would be released worldwide beginning on August 1st, 2022.

Fans attending Anime Expo will be able to see the first of these new specials much sooner as part of Crunchyroll’s offers for the conference, but it won’t be much longer for the rest of us. Check out the announcement visual below:

My Hero Academia new OVAs announcement visual
My Hero Academia’s new OVA announcement visual. Pic credit: TOHO animation

The students and teachers of UA Academy engage in a friendly scrimmage on the ball field in Hero League Baseball. At the same time, the other original video animation examines the new adventure within the internship that Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki joined within Endeavor’s hero agency.

My Hero Academia’s new OVA episodes story synopsis

The first of My Hero Academia’s new OVAs, titled “HLB,” is officially described by Crunchyroll as: “HLB is an abbreviation for ‘Hero League of Baseball,’ and it is a baseball league formed by pro-heroes who love baseball! It’s game time! The final game of the HLB championship will be played between Gang Orca and Shishido’s two competing agencies. To participate, they create a team (‘Orcas’ and ‘Lionels’). There are no rules in the realm of HLB – utilizing their eccentricities is, of course, acceptable. However, they are interrupted by a villain just as the game is about to end. Who will be the HLB winner?”

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The premise for the second OVA, “Laugh! As though you’re in Hell!” has yet to be announced. However, it has been known to introduce a new villain to the series, Mr. Smiley. He’ll be voiced by Hironori Kondo (who can be heard in many Super Sentai productions like Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger) when he makes his debut, so fans outside of Japan won’t have to wait long to witness either of these new OVA specials.

My Hero Academia will also return this October with Season 6 as part of the Fall 2022 anime calendar, but no specific release date has been confirmed as of this writing.

So far, what are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to seeing these new My Hero Academia OVAs later this summer? What are you looking forward to seeing in the new episodes before Season 6 premieres later this year? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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