My Hero Academia Season 6 OP, ED theme song music announced by SUPER BEAVER, Kiro Akiyama

Key visual for the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 6, the band SUPER BEAVER, and singer Kiro Akiyama. Pic credit: @heroaca_anime
Key visual for the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 6, the band SUPER BEAVER, and singer Kiro Akiyama. Pic credit: @heroaca_anime

On August 24, 2022, the official Twitter account for My Hero Academia revealed which artists will be performing the theme song music for My Hero Academia Season 6. The Japanese rock band SUPER BEAVER will perform the opening them song “Hitamuki” while the ending theme song “SKETCH” will be performed by Kiro Akiyama.

The My Hero Academia Season 6 release date is on October 1, 2022. Crunchyroll will simulcast the anime as it airs in Japan!

SUPER BEAVER is best known for their song “Shinkokyu”, which was used as Naruto Shippuden’s 9th ending theme song.

You can watch the music video for “Shinkokyu” on SUPER BEAVER’s official YouTube channel here:

The music video for “Shinkokyu”.

In 2014, SUPER BEAVER also performed the Barakamon anime opening theme song “Rashisa”. In 2008, the band published their first mini-album under the indie label Rebelphonic, which sold fairly well. You can purchase their first two mini-albums via Tower Records.

Kenta Uesugi is the “leader” of the band and plays the bass. Ryuta Shibuya is in charge of vocals. Ryoto Yanagisawa composes the songs for the band and also plays the lead guitar. Hiroaki Fujiwara handles the drums.

Japanese singer, songwriter, and composer, Kiro Akiyama, is known for performing the opening theme song “Identity” for The Promised Neverland anime’s 2nd season, which is the fourth track on FIZZY POP SYNDROME.

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You can watch the music video for “Identity” on Kiro Akiyama’s official YouTube channel here:

The music video for “Identity”.

In December 2017, Kiro began his musical debut by releasing his first single “YASAGUREKAIDO”. In January 2019, he released his first mini-album titled “Hell my shoes”. In March 2020, Kiro released his first full-length album titled “From DROPOUT” and made his major debut with much success.

My Hero Academia Season 6 will adapt the Paranormal Liberation War Arc of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga, which centers on an exciting all-out war between heroes and villains.

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What is the plot of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc?

The Paranormal Liberation War is a hero operation where the Hero Public Safety Commission and Police Force ask heroes and the Hero Course Trainees to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front.

After the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army joined forces and formed the Paranormal Liberation Front, Deku’s nemesis – Tomura Shigaraki contacts Dr. Kyudai Garaki and asks him for even more power, and the doctor agrees to grant him the power he desires. Dr. Garaki warns Shigaraki that the medical process will last four months where he will be in hellish agony, but if he survives he will gain a power greater than his master’s.

From the key visual that was released, we can deduce that Shigarki will indeed survive the operation, but his hair has turned completely white!

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Shigaraki’s followers organize their forces for when Shigarki will make his move within four months. Shigaraki goes to Dr. Garaki’s lab to undergo the special operation that will not only grant him All For One, his master’s Quirk but also a perfected and more suitable body to control the enormous power.

Meanwhile, the Hero Public Safety Commission and the Police Force do what they can in preparation for this imminent threat. Thanks to Eraser Head and Present Mic, Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi is able to obtain information about the League of Villains from the captured Nomu Kurogiri. The hero Hawks continues to work as a spy for the Commission within the MLA, and gathers important information about the Paranormal Liberation Front and when they plan to attack.

The Commission puts together all of the information gathered and discovers who the main leaders of the Paranormal Liberation Front are, how many heroes are loyal to the villain organization, the location of their hideouts, and eventually even Shigaraki’s location. Shigaraki is hidden in a secret area in Jaku General Hospital.

Dr. Garaki happens to be the founder and current board chairman of the hospital. He’s an ally of All For One, and is the mastermind behind the creation of the Nomus.

The Commission decides they want to strike first and organize a large assault force made up of heroes and police to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front. The planned attack will begin by the end of March, one month before Shigaraki’s operation ends

Who will be participating in the attack on the villains?

The assault force is divided into three teams:

  • The Hospital Raid Team – led by Endeavor is in charge of attacking Jaku General Hospital in order to stop Nomu production and find out where Tomura Shigaraki is. One group will concentrate on evacuating visitors, staff and inmates while a second group will put an end to the Nomu production and arrest Shigaraki and Dr. Garaki.
  • The Villa Raid Team – their mission is to attack the Gunga Mountain Villa (the headquarters of the Paranormal Liberation Front) and arrest its members. The Villa Raid Team also has a smaller team working as the rearguard – their job is to catch any villain that slips past the front line. The rearguard is made up of trainee heroes.
  • Evacuation Team – led by Burnin and made up of trainee heroes their mission is to evacuate the inhabitants of Jaku City, which is located close to the hospital, and move them to safety.
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Meanwhile, heroes are deployed in different cities to capture traitorous heroes that have allied with the Paranormal Liberation Front, although these heroes aren’t a part of the assault force. The Commission invites Rikiya Yotsubashi – one of the main lieutenants of the PLF to headquarters pretending to want a joint venture into support items but really wanting to arrest him.

The Hospital Raid Team includes Endeavor, Backdraft, Crust, Ectoplasm, EraserHead, Gran Torino, Kesagiriman, Kido, Mandalay, Manual, Mirko (the long-awaited appearance of the Bunny Hero!), Native, Onima, Pixie-Bob, Present Mic, Rock Lock, Ryukyu, Snipe, Takeshita, Thirteen, Tiger, Uwabami, Wash, X-Less, and Naomasa Tsukauchi.

The Villa Raid Team includes Cementos, Edgeshot, Fat Gum, Fourth Kind, Gang Orca, Hawks, Kamui Woods, Majestic, Midnight, Ms. Joke, Mt. Lady, Selkie, Shishido, Yoroi Musha, Suneater, Changebolt, Mudman, Shemage, and Tsukuyomi.

The Villa Backup Team includes Can’t Stop Twinkling, Battle Fist, Cellophane, Creati, Earphone Jack, Emily Gevaudan, Grape Juice, Invisible Girl, Lizardy, Mines, Pinky, Real Steel, Red Riot, Rule, Sugarman, Tailman, Tentacole, Vantablack, and Vine.

The Evacuation Team includes Burnin, Anima, Comicman, Deku, Dynamight, Froppy, Ingenium, Nejire Chan, Shoto, and Uravity.

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