My Hero Academia Season 6 teases a climactic clash in new trailer

My Hero Academia Deku and Shigaraki visuals
My Hero Academia season 6 Deku and Shigaraki visuals. Pic credit: Heroaca website

My Hero Academia fans, the time has come! It won’t be long before the anime returns this fall, and all eyes will be on My Hero Academia Season 6 ahead of its debut.

After all, the program is about to go on its most grueling arc when it returns this Fall 2022. Fans have been itching to see Season 6 footage. Finally, fans’ wishes have been granted.

My Hero Academia: Season 6 trailer PV 2 teases the conflict

My Hero Academia Season 6 has unveiled its second trailer, which you can watch below. Following the foreign launch of certain new OVA specials, the video was shared as a surprise in Japan.

This is the second trailer for My Hero Academia Season 6, revealing that the story is set to take a dark turn.

My Hero Academia: Season 6 new teaser trailer

This new trailer demonstrates how severe the situation in Japan has grown as a result of Shigaraki. With his new abilities intact, everyone from Endeavor to Present Mic and Mirko has to be at their best, and the students of U.A. High School have also been drawn into the struggle. After all, our heroes are about to go to war, and not even the pros will escape unscathed.

My Hero Academia: Season 6 expectations

My Hero Academia Season 5 concluded with a post-credits sequence of Class 1A staring out upon a city full of supervillains. This sequence teased the “Paranormal Liberation War,” the next major storyline in the works. Based on chapters 253-306 of the manga, this arc is virtually a full-scale war between our heroes and a united gang of villains. It is one of the fandom’s most celebrated stories.

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Without giving too much away, the Heroes now have enough knowledge to fight the Paranormal Liberation Front square on, partly due to some clever reconnaissance work from Hawks. And by the close of this battle, our heroes will not be the same as they were at the end of Season 5.

The My Hero Academia Season 6 release date is set for October 2022, so fans can anticipate more My Hero Academia promos to appear before October. No exact release date has been announced as of this writing, so stay tuned for additional details. In the meantime, you can watch My Hero Academia on Crunchyroll or Hulu if you like. The show’s first five seasons are available to watch, subbed, and dubbed.

What are your thoughts on this first look at Season 6? Are you looking forward to the return of My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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