My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 125 – Koichi Haimawari surprises with a link to villain All For One’s Nomu

My hero academia: vigilantes released visuals
A My Hero Academia: Vigilantes visual. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga’s ending has revealed an unexpected link between Koichi Haimawari’s heroic actions in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes and the emergence of All For One and the other villains in the main series!

The latest chapter of the series is laying the stage for the big climax of the spin-off manga. It investigates the fallout of the Naruhata War a few months after it occurred.

Koichi has moved on to become a huge pro hero since we last saw him. He’s also made a tremendous influence on the villains who will play a role in the classic storyline.

Koichi’s link to the main series villains

As fans had witnessed during Koichi’s confrontation with Number Six at the end of the Naruhata War, both hero and villain had rapidly increased in power as they put it all on the line against one other. Koichi himself had been pushed to the point where his quirk had become far stronger than it had ever been.

All For One taunted him that he had possibly gone beyond the pinnacle of quirk strength.

The series’ last chapter discloses that All For One utilized what he saw with Koichi and Number Six. He used his research to create the identical Nomu that assaults Class 1-A at the USJ at the start of the main series.

The nomu shown  in chapter 125 of My Hero Academia Vigilantes
The nomu shown in My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 125. It appears to be identical to the one that attacked USJ in the main series. Pic credit: Viz media

Throughout My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, fans saw a variety of prototype Nomu that All For One had been working on. These were very different from the ones featured in the main series. It is mentioned in Chapter 125 that All For One spent the months following the Naruhata War examining Koichi’s origins.

He was startled to learn that such an unimpressive type of person could generate the sort of immense strength that he had displayed during that war. Seeing a typical person transform into a superhuman under great duress inspired him to change his research.

My Hero Academia 125 recap

Soga pays a visit to Kazuho in April to see how her rehab is going. She says that she can move on her own again. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to Leap about like she used to. Soga encourages her not to push herself and to be truthful about her missing bits of memory. This is because the police are coming to obtain her statement the next day.

Meanwhile, All For One tells Kyudai Garaki and Kurogiri that he researched Koichi’s background. He remarked that he found nothing noteworthy about his upbringing. He recognizes that his great Quirk and unusual fighting ability were being used by an ordinary individual. The notion that fate, experience, and sheer willpower can transform a man into a “superhero” invalidates the philosophy behind Operation Anonymous.

All For One invested even more in his Nomu research. He wonders what this type of potential may imply in the hands of the people. This is because he needs a weapon to oppose a potential army of superpowered creatures rising from the masses. It is then that he unveils the current model Nomu, the same one seen against All Might. He says that Koichi inspired him to construct the more enhanced High-End Nomus that we see him employ later.

It’s an unexpected link to the main series. It demonstrates Koichi’s influence on the My Hero Academia universe as a whole.

But what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on Koichi being the one who inspired the way Nomu is built in the main series? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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