My Hero Academia: Vigilantes ending in final chapter 126 reveals return of Knuckleduster

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter 110 cover visual
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter 110 cover visual. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia has finally concluded its long-running spin-off and prequel manga story, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. The initial hook of the spin-off series from Kohei Horikoshi’s main manga series of showing a new look at the pro hero world drew people in.

The spin-off, which took place years before the main series events, centered on Koichi Haimawari. Koichi is a young student who noticed how the pro heroes were generally neglecting his small neighborhood of Naruhata in preference for more prominent villains and crimes. The last chapter highlights the return of a special vigilante!

The return of Knuckleduster in the final chapter

Koichi was inspired to aid people in his neighborhood while posing as the Crawler. It wasn’t until Knuckleduster brought him under his wing that he began to combat crime like a true vigilante hero.

With the series’ last arc putting Knuckleduster closer to death than ever before, it seemed that he was done for good. The final chapter of the series reveals that a vigilante’s work isn’t ever done as Knuckleduster battles more criminals on the last page.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 126 cover visual
My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 126 cover visual featuring Koichi, aka air crawler, on the wing of a plane. Pic credit: Shonen Jump

As the series concludes, it is established that Knuckleduster is still fighting, despite using a cane to support himself and suffering numerous injuries in the final arc. Knuckleduster is prepared to defend the neighborhood the same way he was when it all started.

Knuckleduster still follows the same philosophy of cleaning the mess the pros can’t get to (this time, he refers to Koichi). So, when Koichi becomes an official hero, there are still vigilantes roaming the hero society.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter 126 recap

The final chapter focuses primarily on Crawler, the young Hero who has been given a significant upgrade. He used some newly acquired technology to prevent a plane from collapsing.

Koichi is still in need of serious assistance with his understanding of the English vocabulary. He now operates within the United States.

Manga panel from My Hero Academia chapter 126
My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 126 features Koichi, aka air crawler, affirming to wreck wall street.

Unfortunately for the crime-fighter, now known as “Sky Crawler” and based in New York City, his grasp of English gets him into trouble. He declares that he will devote “all his might” to crushing Wall Street. It’s a fitting ending for the brave teenage vigilante turned professional crime fighter.

My Hero Academia Season 6 is expected to premiere this fall. There is currently no information on whether Vigilantes will have its anime adaptation.

Studio Bones could efficiently devote several seasons to the spin-off plot with the number of chapters produced for the series. While there isn’t much “sequel bait” in this final chapter, the last page demonstrates that vigilantes in My Hero Academia’s universe are alive and well.

What are your thoughts? How do you feel about My Hero Academia: Vigilantes concluding with Knuckleduster? What were your overall thoughts on the final chapter? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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