NANA manga hiatus continues, but creator Ai Yazawa gets an art exhibition in July 2022

Key visual for the upcoming Ai Yazawa art exhibit.
Key visual for the upcoming Ai Yazawa art exhibit. Pic credit:

Twitterverse has been flooded with tweets hinting that the NANA franchise would have an upcoming announcement of some kind. Many fans hoped that the announcement would be for a NANA anime reboot, while others hoped that mangaka Ai Yazawa would continue her popular manga where she left off since it’s been on hiatus for some time now.

One NANA fan, @MangaMoguraRE bought a copy of Da Vinci Magazine in Japan and was kind enough to share some key points that were made in a recent interview with Ai Yazawa.

It’s been a long time since my manga creation NANA was forced to go on hiatus. I am sorry to inform my fans that I still cannot restart the serialization at this time, and want to thank them for their continued support.

Ai Yazawa in an interview in Da Vinci Magazine, August 2022 Issue

The legacy of Ai Yazawa’s incredible artwork sparks exhibit

NANA fans do have some good news, however. It was also revealed that an art exhibit showcasing over 300 art pieces of Yazawa’s major works, including manga artwork and pieces with the theme “street fashion” will be held beginning July 2022 in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s not surprising to discover “street fashion” will be one of the exhibit’s themes since the manga gained much of its popularity due to the stylish, punk, grunge outfits Yazawa created for her character Nana, and the cute, Gothic Lolita-style outfits she created for Hachiko.

The “All Time Best” Ai Yazawa exhibit will run from July 20 to August 8 and be held in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Takashimaya department store. From August 24 to September 12, the exhibition will move to Osaka’s Takashimaya store. From September 21 to October 10, the exhibit will be held in Yokohama’s Takashimya store. From November 26 to December 25, it will be held in Okayama’s Aeon Mall. And from January 4 to 22, it will be held in Kyoto’s Daimaru Museum.

Despite NANA being on hiatus, because of my readers’ continued support I am happy to announce that there will be an exhibit featuring my work. I am also proud to be featured in the manga news Da Vinci magazine. I am very grateful to all my fans. For those who are unfamiliar with my work I am excited to share my work with new people. I am working hard for this exhibit and hope you will all enjoy it!

Ai Yazawa commented in Da Vinci Magazine (Kadokawa Media Factory) August 2022 Issue
Cover of Da Vinci August 2022 Issue.
Cover of Da Vinci August 2022 Issue. Pic credit: @davinci_editor

Why is NANA known for being so stylish?

NANA is a romance drama manga (and anime) written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. The series revolves around Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu – two young women, who move to Tokyo at the age of 20. Nana Osaki pursues fame as a singer while Nana Komatsu, later nicknamed Hachi, pursues romance.

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NANA is often called “the most stylish anime of all time” due to its character designs being inspired by Ai Yazawa’s edgy manga illustrations. This is in great part due to Nana’s goth-punk rocker look. Nana Osaki is the lead vocalist of the popular punk band the Black Stones, BLAST for short. Nana may look tough on the outside, but has a kind heart and is a devoted friend, especially to Hachi whom she becomes very protective of throughout the series.

After Nana O was expelled from high school after being falsely accused of prostitution she decides to concentrate on her dream of becoming a famous singer and polishes her skills as the lead vocalist of BLAST. Nana’s bandmates are three extremely handsome men, who are usually seen dressed in Goth-punk, leather outfits.

Hachi is Nana O’s best friend, but also her polar opposite in both her personality and looks. Hachi is sweet, feminine, and likes to dress in cute Lolita-style outfits. When Hachi goes to Tokyo in order to chase after her boyfriend she encounters Nana on a train and they instantly become friends due to the funny similarities in their names and situations.

The anime adaptation was produced by talented Studio Madhouse, which excelled in making the great fashion in the anime look amazing. There are 50 million copies of the manga in circulation as of 2019!

NANA Official Trailer
The official trailer for the anime NANA.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Tokyo, are you looking forward to the All Time Best Ai Yazawa Exhibition? Let us know in the comment section below. And make sure to check back at Anime Geek around July 20 to August 8, 2022. I will try to compile as many pictures from the exhibit as I’m able to find online and put them in an article for you all to enjoy.

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