Naruto: Sasuke’s rap album Fire Style has English dub voice actor Yuri Lowenthal rapping in character

Sasuke's English dub voice actor Yuri Lowenthal, beside Sasuke.
Sasuke’s English dub voice actor Yuri Lowenthal. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot and IMDB

Yuri Lowenthal’s rap album Fire Style is about to release on August 19, 2022. And the crazy part is that it’ll feature Naruto’s Sasuke rapping while in character. He also teased that several other Naruto cast members may join him.

Other anime properties have found their way into the rap game in the past, like Dragon Ball, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and One Piece, to name a few.

While Naruto has appeared in a few songs, the anime’s English voice actors are using the opportunity to produce their rap album, with Sasuke’s English dub voice actor leading the charge and even posting a film of himself as Sasuke laying down some bars.

The rap album by Sasuke’s English voice actor

This is undoubtedly a piece of news that many Naruto fans did not have on their bingo cards. Yuri Lowenthal, the English voice actor who plays Sasuke in Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, has disclosed that he plans to release a charity rap album in character.

While many performers have voiced their admiration for the ninja Shonen franchise, this news takes things to the next level.

Yuri Lowenthal, Sasuke’s English dub voice actor, took to his Twitter to reveal the exciting news of the new Naruto rap album. He plans to bring together vocalists and other anime voice actors from the series to produce some wild new tracks:

Yuri Lowenthal may be a well-known face in the Naruto franchise, but he has also been in several other anime and non-anime productions. Lowenthal has appeared in a variety of anime series, including Code Geass, Promare, Kotaro Lives Alone, and Tiger & Bunny, to mention a few.

In addition to these roles, Yuri was a part of the Marvel Universe, portraying Spider-Man in the Playstation game series and the Flash and Shazam in Injustice.

Currently, the character of Sasuke Uchiha is assisting in the struggle against the Kara Organization in the pages of the Shonen manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Unfortunately for the Hidden Leaf Village, Momoshiki was able to ruin Sasuke’s capacity to access the powers of the Rinnegan by removing one of his eyes. With Konoha also witnessing the death of the nine-tailed Fox due to the struggle against Jigen, it appears that the next generation of heroes must rise to face Code and his henchmen.

The decimation of Code and the destruction of Konoha

So far in the Boruto manga, Code has fought valiantly to achieve his goal of razing the Earth. Isshiki gave him all of his power, making Code a pseudo-Otsutsuki, but the youngster has yet to find a sacrifice to feed the Ten-Tails, namely Kawaki or Boruto. As a result, he can’t call the God Tree to life, draining Earth of all its chakra and providing him with the fruit he’d need to become a god and travel to another world to eat it.

However, slivers of progress have been made with the evil scientist, Amado, removing his limiters under pressure, allowing Code access to the alien’s full strength. However, in Boruto Chapter 71, his purpose was jeopardized when he was devastated in battle.

Still, Code is a true WMD who only needs to perfect his skills. Notably, Code’s ego has been injured, putting Konoha in even greater danger.

Code retreated after a vicious confrontation with Daemon Eida’s younger brother at Boro’s lair, effectively ending the collaboration with Eida. He didn’t mind because he got what he needed and teleported out with Bug, a former Isshiki servant.

Code’s fury, on the other hand, is at an all-time high, indicating that while he’ll want Amado and Daemon dead so he can decide if he still wants Eida, he’ll also aim his rage at the Hidden Leaf, where she’ll now be.

He wasn’t interested in destroying it earlier because he only wanted the tree’s sacrifice victim. But, after Daemon’s humiliation, he wants everyone gone, especially Kawaki, Naruto, and Shikamaru. They assisted in the care of Amado and so indirectly took Eida away.

Will you be purchasing Yuri Lowenthal’s rap album, which is set to be released later in Summer 2022? What other Shonen brands may benefit from their rap album?

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