New Trigun Stampede concept art depicts a brotherly moment between young Vash and Knives

Vash the Stampede in the Trigun Stampede trailer
Vash the Stampede in the new Trigun Stampede trailer. Pic credit: Studio Orange

Fans will be able to see a very different-looking Vash behind the wheel in Trigun Stampede, which is scheduled to release in 2023.

New concept art for Trigun Stampede provides a fresh look at Vash and his evil brother Knives, perhaps not long after the horrific event that sent them to the desert world they eventually call home.

Longtime fans will recognize certain familiar moments from the old plot in the new anime’s promotional materials, despite the new look.

Trigun Stampede’s new concept art

In order to give fans a glimpse of Vash and Knives’ early life after their arrival on the planet below, which would later develop into a civilization somewhat like the Old West, Studio Orange revealed the most recent concept art by Tajima Koji for Trigun Stampede:

Trigun Stampede new concept art
Trigun Stampede new concept art. Pic credit: Studio Orange

Vash and Knives’ connection was unquestionably important to the show’s plot because the humanoid typhoon’s sibling served as its main threat.

Knives, who possesses abilities comparable to those of the main character, spends most of the story in the background, throwing Vash various obstacles in an effort to weaken him and persuade him to violate his first rule—never taking a human life.

The new concept picture reveals how Studio Orange is reimagining the younger versions of Trigun’s primary protagonist and antagonist, with Knives being the one who abandons the brothers on the planet below and kills their parent figure, Rem.

Trigun: The unforgettable classic

One of the most popular anime series to emerge in the late 1990s was Trigun. The fact that Studio Orange will reboot it in 2023 should prove its success. Aside from it, the 2010 film Badlands Rumble was also released. This TV show is a true gem.

Numerous factors contributed to Trigun’s initial level of popularity, and there are many explanations for this. Of course, there are common elements like likable characters, a decent balance of drama and humor, planned action sequences, and a memorable soundtrack. However, Trigun needs a remarkable narrative that survives the test of time to deserve a reboot genuinely. The original anime’s initial success was also beneficial.

This series excels at testing its protagonist, which is another quality. Vash is frequently placed in precarious situations where he may have to violate his most important no-killing rule. Additionally, adhering to it often results in a cost to him or the individuals he is supposed to defend. This isn’t like other anime where the hero is morally upright and strong enough to defeat the villain. Vash can do this, but the story frequently criticizes him for his optimism. Thus, his dilemma centers on what must be done and whether he should compromise his moral principles.

Trigun manages to maintain a reasonable level of optimism despite all the challenges. Vash usually manages to attain the best outcome, even though this story wants to penalize him for trying to be a nice guy. He even manages to have a little fun while doing it. It’s an added benefit if the characters work to resolve their problems pleasingly.

If the Trigun reboot corresponds to its predecessor, it should succeed. It already has a devoted following, a compelling storyline, and compelling characters. All it needs to do is make sure that it displays its content in a way that highlights its significant aspects while giving older audience members something new.

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