New Yuri On Ice anime art released by Studio MAPPA for 5th anniversary

Yuri on Ice shots of Yuri Katsuki and Victor Coach
A screenshot from the new Yuri On Ice anime art. Pic credit: Studio MAPPA

Studio Mappa just released new Yuri on Ice art illustrations. This is part of Yuri on Ice’s fifth year of series broadcasting. This is also in honor of the Winter Olympics.

A number of photos were posted on the MAPPA official Twitter account! This is fantastic news for fans who are eager to know more about Yuri On Ice Season 2 or the confirmed film adaptation.

The first season premiered in 2016 and became a huge success right away. Mappa promised viewers a second season, but the details have been concealed from the public.

The New Yuri on Ice Illustrations could be a sign of the future

The New Yuri on Ice Illustrations, which featured coach (and potential love interest) Victor Nikiforov with his arm around the main character, went viral on Twitter.

shots of Yuri Katsuki and Victor Coach
Mappa celebrates Yuri on Ice’s fifth year of broadcasting with new visuals. Pic credit: @Mappa/twitter

Also, we get a look at Yuuri in the costume of Japan’s 2022 skating representatives in the second shot! 

Yuri on ice new illustrations by Mappa. Pic credit: @Mappa/twitter

Furthermore, there are numerous returning figures in the final photo. Yuri Plisetsky (Micah Solusod/Kki Uchiyama), a soft adversary turned friend, can be seen in the background. She is talking to her instructor, Yakov Feltsman (Daman Mills/Hideaki Tezuka).

Yuri and his mentor viktor
Yuri and Viktor. Pic credit: @Mappa/twitter

Finally, we see Jean-Jacques Leroy (Jeremy Inman/Mamoru Miyano) and the bottom half of Thai figure skater Phichit Chulanont (Joel McDonald/Kensho Ono), also a friend of Yuuri’s in the first season.

Yuri On Ice music song History Maker

Fans got their first true sign of a coming season early this year when renowned songwriter Dean Fujioka published a fresh version of History Maker, the popular song from season one.

The anime’s first season begins with this popular song. Obviously, the most recent version of the music cannot be utilized.

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Therefore, fans believe it is because it has become associated with the Yuri On Ice anime.

Furthermore, the original composition is a lighthearted, upbeat tune. Also, by comparison, the new arrangement is gloomy and sluggish (in a beautiful way).

Fans are left to speculate about the issues that will be addressed in the next season of Yuri on Ice.

DEAN FUJIOKA - History Maker 2021 (Visualizer)
The History maker music video.

Despite having no new content in six years, the sports anime has retained a solid following base.

Yuri On Ice: Ice Adolescence

In the last update, Mappa stated, “Despite the sluggish pace of development, they are still working on the Yuri On Ice film.”

Viewers could be discouraged by the long wait, but the latest art shows that fans haven’t given up on Yuri!!! On Ice.

Hopefully, these are all good signals that we’ll be seeing more Yuri on Ice very soon! Keep checking back for updates, and let us know how thrilled you are to see Yuuri and the rest of the team return to the ice!

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