One Piece cake collab with Salon Bake & Tea unveils delicious Nico Robin devil fruit

Nico Robin from One Piece
Nico Robin, one of the straw hats. Pic credit: Toei animation

Nearly 20 years have passed since Nico Robin had the chance to flaunt her talents in One Piece. Since the heroine boarded Luffy’s crew, the anime has been quite active, and while Robin has benefited from several supporting parts, she has not yet displayed her devil fruit.

However, following the conflict for Wano, everything changed. The return has now been marked by One Piece with a cake made from her devil fruit.

One Piece Nico Robin cake devil fruit

In association with Salon Bake & Tea in Tokyo and online baking platform Cake.JP, Soranews24 released a key visual showcasing an edible rendition of One Piece’s Devil Fruit, Hana Hana no Mi, which was inspired by plants. The pink-dyed white chocolate cream is arranged in symmetrical swirls on top of the peachy dessert.

Peach mousse, peach jelly, and syrup are all layered inside the cake, which is covered in a thick golden crust made of Échiré butter. The snack has a 12 centimeter diameter (4.72 inches).

Check out the delicious devil fruit below:

One Piece Nico Robin's devil fruit in the form of a cake
Nico Robin’s devil fruit in the form of a cake. Pic credit: SoraNews24

Sales of Hana Hana no Mi’s tarts began on July 22, 2022. For 4,400 yen, or roughly $32, customers in Japan can acquire the confection from Cake.JP’s website. Other piratical options include classic cakes with Luffy and Nami themes as well as “cake cans” with images of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. Customers are encouraged to let the goods thaw before using it because deliveries often arrive at their destinations frozen.

The powerful intellectual pirate

Prodigy archeologist Nico Robin previously gave her abilities to the displeasing Sir Crocodiles’ Baroque Works organization. She was under the alias Miss All-Sunday after ingesting the squiggly pink Devil Fruit as a child. Robin eventually joined Luffy’s Straw Hat crew after Baroque Works fell, where she discovered the true meaning of friendship.

As the only person in One Piece who appears to be able to read the Rio Poneglyph, the prohibited lost history of the world, Robin’s knowledge, along with her devil fruit powers, proves to be extremely valuable. Fans love Robin because of her maturity and her willingness to sacrifice anything for her friends.

Also, Hana Hana No Mi by Robin is not the first Devil Fruit to pique interest. Cake JP unveiled Luffy’s Gum Gum Devil Fruit in May 2022 as a purple-coated, multi-layered cake. The Gum Gum cake was a highly sought-after collectible that was sold for a staggering 13,000 yen (about $100 USD) throughout Japan.

What do you think of Robin’s devil fruit ability? Also, will you give the delectable pink cake a taste? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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