One Piece Chapter 1053 introduces new menacing Admiral Ryokugyu

Luffy lands at Marineford in front of the Admirals.
Luffy lands at Marineford in front of the Admirals. Pic credit: Toei Animation

With the latest chapter of the series, One Piece Chapter 1053 has finally introduced Admiral Ryokugyu to the series as the manga prepares for its grand climax!

With series creator Eiichiro Oda now enjoying a summer sabbatical to prepare for the series’ last saga, the newest chapters of the series have been laying the groundwork for what to expect from the ultimate finale. This involves delving into the aftermath of the Wano Country arc, as the series has to break down everything that happened during the course of its clashes, which means that some of the Reverie and viewers got to meet one very crucial face.

The introduction of Admiral Ryokugyu

The previous chapter had hyped that we would see Ryokugyu in action. He was already on Wano following the battles against Big Mom and Kaido.

He was first presented as the new Admiral who had won the rank during the time skip as part of the repercussions from the Reverie arc in between the second and third acts of the Wano Country arc. The manga has ultimately presented him in the latest chapter of the series. He’s precisely as lethal as you’d imagine.

Manga panel from One Piece chapter 1053, showcasing the new admiral
Manga panel from One Piece chapter 1053. Pic credit: Viz media

Admiral Ryokugyu begins a message before confirming his arrival in Wano and ordering the deployment of a battleship. He insists that Sakazuki not be told what he’s doing before the person on the other end can even speak. He examines a replica of Luffy’s bounty, intending to defeat him.

Ryokugyu appears to have made his way to Wano, revealing that he’s been moving without official authority. He’s also shown to be quite lethal, having defeated King and Queen and all of Kaido’s other subordinates in a single wave.

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As his roots sprouting from his body drained all of the subordinates of their liquids. He appears to have an ability that uses plants and flowers. More than that, he’s already there, attempting to take down Luffy.

One Piece chapter 1053: Recap

The Five Elders were frantic in Chapter 1052 to figure out how to keep the news of Luffy’s victory hidden. They tried to figure out what to do about trying to penetrate Wano now that the borders remain closed. Before Hawkins died, he and X-Drake had one last talk. Meanwhile, the residents of Wano were enjoying their newfound independence and planning a memorial to the fallen.

Yamato awaited Zoro and Luffy to wake up on the castle’s roof and was overjoyed when they did. Apoo approached Kid and Law with news of their new bounty and the identities of the new Emperors of the Sea. Everyone took a hot bath after Yamato described Momonosuke’s new adult physique to them before the feast celebrating their win began.

The following are the new Emperors: “Red-Haired” Shanks, Marhsall D. “Blackbeard” Teech, Monkey D. “Straw Hat” Luffy, and Buggy the Genius Jester.

Before the manga enters its hiatus, the final moments of the chapter before the final saga had Admiral Ryokugyu preparing to attack Luffy and all the other people of Wano as they celebrate their latest victory. He does this with the intent of capturing the Straw Hat and taking him down for the military due to Luffy’s rapid rise in prominence. This Admiral is far more vicious than the one he replaces; therefore, the Straw Hats are in big trouble in the future.

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So far, what do you think of Admiral Ryokugyu? Did he live up to his entire series introduction? Interested in seeing how Admiral Ryokugyu fits into the final saga? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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