One Piece Film: Red English dub trailer clip released by Crunchyroll to promote new movie

Luffy and Uta in the One Piece Film Red
Luffy and Uta in the One Piece Film Red. Pic credit: Toei Annimation

The One Piece Film: Red USA release date is on November 4, 2022. Tickets are currently on sale in North America.

One Piece Film: Red has been tearing up cinemas worldwide, and the film is gearing up for its North American debut with a new English dub teaser and clip showcasing its English dubbed release!

Toei Animation has had a big box office year with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and One Piece: Red. Each of these films is on track to become not only the most successful releases in their respective franchises to date but also some of the most successful anime films of all time.

One Piece Film Red’s new English dub clip

Crunchyroll has released an English-dubbed clip for One Piece Film: Red, which will be released in the United States and Canada soon. The clip, available on YouTube, depicts a scene in which most of the Straw Hat Pirates are excitedly preparing for Uta’s concert, but Luffy is preoccupied with eating meat, and Zoro is generally annoyed by the festivities.

The new One Piece Film Red English dub clip

Film Red, the fifteenth installment in the One Piece franchise, follows the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures on the Island of Music. There they met Uta, Red-Haired Shanks’ daughter and Luffy’s childhood buddy, a lovely vocalist who aspires to use music to alleviate pain and suffering. A couple of prequel episodes aired promptly after Film Red’s debut to provide viewers with background on the three characters.

One Piece Film Red has been racking up the numbers

Despite the fact that the film’s theatrical run has been primarily limited to Japan, Film Red has proven to be a big success and box office powerhouse. It has already generated more than 17 billion yen (about $122 million), making it Japan’s most profitable film in 2022 at the time of writing. Furthermore, Film Red is currently one of the country’s highest-earning films, alongside popular anime films such as Spirited Away, Weathering with You, and Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

The release of the English-dubbed trailer to mark Film Red’s North American debut is only one example of the latest One Piece news. Notably, Bandai has announced the release of two new video games early next year. The first is One Piece Odyssey, which is available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The game “transports the Straw Hat Crew to a new mystery island where they engage on adventures and fight fierce adversaries and enormous bosses in exciting turn-based battles,” according to the description. Second, a new line of One Piece-themed Tamagotchis allows fans to grow their Chopper.”’

Furthermore, VANS and One Piece have collaborated to create an apparel collection based on the classic series. The collection includes sneakers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other things with various parts of the One Piece iconography, and it will be available for purchase on November 11.

The anime series is available to stream on Crunchyroll for anyone who wishes to catch up on the Straw Hat Pirates’ escapades before the North American premiere of Film Red.

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