One Piece Film: Red gets prequel episode about Luffy and Uta’s childhood set to premiere in August 2022

Luffy and Uta playing together as kids.
Luffy and Uta playing together as kids. Pic credit: Toei Animation

On August 4, 2022, the staff for One Piece announced that a prequel episode to the One Piece Film: Red is set to air on August 14 and August 21, 2022. The One Piece episode will center on Luffy and Uta’s childhood in Foosha Village, and Luffy’s memories of their time together, including Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates. The episode will also feature glimpses of “young Zoro” and “young Nami” in different places, but around the same time.

Fans are already speculating if we’ll get to see Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina once again and are keeping their fingers crossed.

Fan art of Zoro and Kuina.
Fan art of Zoro and Kuina. Pic credit:

The episode will also show a glimpse of the Straw Hats on their way to Eresia Island, the island of music, which is the setting for the One Piece Film: Red.

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What is the plot of One Piece Film: Red?

The plot of the film will revolve around a new female character named Uta. Uta is a world-renowned diva in the world of One Piece. The setting of the film Red will take place on an island where Uta will be performing her first public concert. People in the world of One Piece are able to listen to Uta’s singing via their Den Den Mushi’s (magical transponder snails that work as communication devices). The Den Den Mushis enabled her to be able to hide her true identity as the daughter of the notorious, wanted pirate Red-Haired Shanks. Half of Uta’s hair is red while the other half is lavender (which she probably inherited from her mother).

Uta’s fans from all over the world sail towards the island in order to attend her live concert, including Luffy, who innocently likes Uta’s singing. Unfortunately, for the Straw Hats the Navy pirate hunters and other pirates are also planning to attend the concert. The story truly begins when the shocking fact that Uta is Shank’s daughter is discovered, and chaos ensues.

The latest trailer for the upcoming film One Piece Film: Red.

When is the premiere of One Piece Film: Red?

One Piece Film: Red is set to premiere in Japan on August 6, 2022, and will be the 15th One Piece anime film and the latest since 2019’s One Piece Stampede. Gorou Taniguchi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection, One Piece: Taose! Kaizoku Gyanzakku) is directing the film with scriptwriter Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Film: Gold, GANTZ:O). Original creator Oda is working as a general producer. Masayuki Satou (One Piece Film Strong World) is in charge of character design and is also chief animation director. The film will feature some amazing music, and Kaori Nazuka is playing Uta while Ado is providing her singing voice.

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Are you looking forward to the prequel episode? Are you looking forward to the movie One Piece Red? Let us know in the comment section below!

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