One Piece Film: Red trailer 2 released during world premiere on One Piece Day

Screenshot from the new trailer for One Piece Film: Red, featuring the reactions of the Straw Hats to Uta's concert. Somehow I knew Sanji would get heart-eyed when he saw Uta.
Screenshot from the new trailer for One Piece Film: Red, featuring the reactions of the Straw Hats to Uta’s concert. Somehow I knew Sanji would get heart-eyed when he saw Uta. Pic credit: Toei Animation

On July 22, 2022, also known in the anime community as “One Piece Day”, a second trailer with English subtitles was released for the One Piece Film: Red.

One Piece Day is a 2-day event commemorating the anniversary of the debut of Eiichiro Oda’s fantasy, adventure manga One Piece.

The trailer also unveiled the song “Kaze no Yukue” performed by singer/songwriter Motohiro Hata.

You can watch the trailer on One Piece’s official YouTube channel here:

Official trailer for One Piece Film: Red

What’s new in the latest trailer?

The first live performance of Shanks’ daughter, the world’s most beloved diva, Uta, is shown in greater detail than ever before and the trailer hints about the troubled past between Shanks and Uta.

Uta obviously feels that Shanks betrayed her by leaving her behind when she says the words, “He abandoned me!” Luffy’s response of, “It was the only way to save you” hints that Shanks was forced to abandon Uta and it wasn’t by choice.

In the second part of the trailer, the theme song “New Era” performed by singer, Ado, begins to play in the background and you get to see Uta’s first live performance and how the Straw Hats are in enthusiastic attendance. (Especially, Sanji who has started to do his signature noodle dance).

Just when an odd hush fell over the entire crowd Luffy declares loudly that Uta is Shank’s daughter much to everyone’s shock. Immediately, a battle between the Marines and Pirates breaks out over Uta and fierce battles ensue. An added scene of Shanks hugging a young Uta, who is shedding tears, is seen.

One Piece Film: Red will have amazing music

The movie’s theme songs are a collaboration between seven talented individuals – Music producer Yasutaka Nakata is working on the song “New Era”, composer Hiroyuki Sawano, band Mrs. GREEN APPLE, music unit FAKE TYPE, singer/songwriter Orisaka, Yuta, and singer/songwriter Vaundy.

You can find out more about the amazing music in One Piece Film: Red here: One Piece film: Red movie drama song “Backlight” full music video and 3D virtual Uta diary released

What is the plot of One Piece Film: Red?

The plot of the film will revolve around a new female character named Uta. Uta is a world-renowned diva in the world of One Piece.

The setting of the film Red will take place on an island where Uta will be performing her first public concert. People in the world of One Piece are able to listen to Uta’s singing via their Den Den Mushi’s (magical transponder snails that work as communication devices).

The Den Den Mushis enabled her to be able to hide her true identity as the daughter of the notorious, wanted pirate Red-Haired Shanks. Half of Uta’s hair is red while the other half is lavender (which she probably inherited from her mother).

Uta’s fans from all over the world sail towards the island in order to attend her live concert, including Luffy, who only innocently likes Uta’s singing and has no idea of who her father is.

Unfortunately for the Straw Hats, the Navy pirate hunters and other pirates are also planning to attend the concert. The story truly begins when the shocking fact that Uta is Shank’s daughter is discovered, and chaos ensues.

Find out even more about the movie here: New One Piece Film: Red trailer teases that Luffy and Uta were childhood friends

Are you looking forward to watching One Piece Film: Red? Let us know in the comment section below!

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