One Piece Film: Red’s music video “Kaze no Yukue” released by singer Ado

Screenshot from the "Kaze no Yukue" music video.
Screenshot from the “Kaze no Yukue” music video. Pic credit: Toei Animation

On August 24, 2022, the music video for the song “Kaze no Yuku” (Where the Wind Blows), which is featured in the One Piece Film: Red anime movie was released on Ado’s official YouTube channel.  Ada provided the singing voice for the character Uta, who is Shanks’ daughter, in One Piece Film: Red.

On August 10, 2022, Ado released the album Uta no Uta: One Piece Film Red, which contains the vocal songs from the film. The film’s theme song “New Genesis” topped Apple Music’s Global Top 100 charts!

Motohiro Hata provided the music for the 7th song “Kaze no Yuku”, which is the last Uta-inspired music video.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan, Ado is doing a nationwide live tour “Shinkiro” from December 2022 to January 2023, and will feature 10 performances held in six different locations.

I wrote the song while thinking of Uta’s pain and conflict, but with the hope of her still trying to movie forward.

Motohiro Hata commented at Comic Natalie.

The production of the music video was handled by Toei Animation’s TV animation One Piece Team.

You can watch the music video here:

【Ado】風のゆくえ(ウタ from ONE PIECE FILM RED)
Music video for “Kaze no Yukue”.

What is the story in Kaze no Yukue?

The video tells the touching story of two orphan girls, who are as close as sisters. The two girls do everything together – play instruments, do each other’s hair, and play games outside. The girls dream of one day being adopted together and leaving the orphanage to start a new life. However, only one of the girls is adopted leaving the other girl to fend for herself at the orphanage.

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The message of the song is both sad and hopeful – that although the girl has lost her best friend she still has the memories of the time they spent together to give her solace. It’s interesting to note that one of the girls has red hair while the other a pale violet, and Uta has two-toned hair made up of the two colors. The two girls also style their hair much like Uta did in One Piece Film: Red. 

Ado was a singing prodigy

Ado is a Japanese singer. In 2020, she made her debut with the digital single “Usseewa” at the young age of 17! “Usseewa” peaked at number one on Billboard Japan Hot 100, Oricon Digital Singles Chart, and the Oricon Streaming Chart.

You can watch the music video for the song “Usseewa”, which reached 100 million views in 148 days after its release, and has now gained more than 200 million views here:

The music video for “Usseewa”.

On Billboard Japan, it reached 100 million plays after 17 weeks from charting-in and was the sixth fastest song in history to do so. Ado was also the youngest solo singer to accomplish this feat.

As of August 21, 2022, One Piece Film: Red has grossed over 9.28 million yen in Japan making it the highest-grossing film of the One Piece franchise, and it has also gained the spot of 2nd highest-grossing Japanese film for 2022.

Have you already gotten to watch One Piece Film: Red? Did you enjoy it? What did you think of Uta’s songs? Let us know in the comment section below!

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