One Piece gym Bragmen brings pirate cosplay fitness gym to Tokyo in 2023

Picture of interior of ONE PIECE FITNESS Bragmen gym.
A picture of the interior of the upcoming ONE PIECE FITNESS Bragmen gym. Pic credit:

In early 2023, a fitness gym inspired by the nautical, pirate-inhabited fantasy world of One Piece will open in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward. The gym will be called ONE PIECE FITNESS Bragmen, which seems like a sufficiently manly name for those men who decide they want to become as strong as the “monster trio”: Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji.

An adventure, which occurred during the manga’s 13th volume, has inspired the gym’s décor. The main training room will continue with a One Piece theme with Luffy’s favorite color red prevalent, and Luffy’s signature phrase, “I’m going to be King of the Pirates” is lit up on the wall.

Training room inside of the ONE PIECE FITNESS Bragmen gym.
The interior of the ONE PIECE FITNESS Bragmen gym. Pic credit:

Personal trainers will be dressed as naval officers

The gym’s personal trainers will be dressed as naval officers in sailor uniforms. This seems like an interesting decision because if the gym’s patrons are supposed to be pirates and the trainers are naval officers wouldn’t that mean the gym is a pirate prison?

It’s also funny to note that Japanese high school girls have been sporting a uniform based on American sailors for years, and now it is apparently Japanese men’s turn to sport navy-inspired uniforms.

Young girl dressed in Japanese sailor uniform and man dressed as a sailor.
A young girl dressed in a Japanese sailor uniform and a man dressed in a sailor uniform. Pic credit: and

The gym plans to implement a “point system” to make things more competitive among patrons, and encourage further training. When you visit the gym for a workout that earns you points that can be exchanged for prizes. This system is similar to the login bonus you get when you play most video games, which seems like a savvy decision since most anime otaku are also gamers.

Who will become King of the Pirates…at this gym?

There will also be a pirate ranking system for all members. You can raise your rank by clearing objectives (like achieving a target muscle mass and body fat percentage) given to you by your personal trainer. Will the top spot be called “King of the Pirates”?

There will also be a special workout group aimed at elementary school-aged children called “pirate school”. Will the kids end up counting their workout moves like Zoro?

Screenshot of Zoro training from the anime One Piece.
Screenshot of Zoro working out from the One Piece anime. Pic credit: Toei Animation

The gym is currently recruiting “pirate trainers”, but keep in mind you will have to dress up like a sailor man! (Personally, if the trainers were dressed up like pirates I would definitely go there.) Hopefully, trainers will have the option of dressing up like a pirate, as well.

One wonders if the creation of the gym came about because watching anime and reading manga are both sedentary hobbies, and a group of wise anime otaku realized that this was a problem that they could rectify with their anime-inspired gym that would help keep otaku in shape.

After reading this article you’re probably in the mood for the latest One Piece news. You can read about the latest One Piece movie RED here: One Piece RED movie trailer reveals story about Shank’s daughter Uta.

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