One Punch Man 168 finally ends Garo vs Saitama fight – and there are a lot of deaths

Saitama and Garou meet for the first time. The first Garo vs. Saitama fight.
Saitama and Garou meet for the first time on the street. Pic credit: Madhouse studio

A fight that lasts months is not a new thing in One Punch Man. Garo and Metal Bat’s battle with Centisennin lasted far longer than fans would have liked.

On the other hand, the One Punch Man Garo vs. Saitama fight has made every other battle in the series look brief – especially since Garo was one of the series’ first villains. Their great battle is ultimately concluded in One Punch Man Chapter 168.

The fall of the Hero-Hunter

Garou evolved from a martial artist to a monster and, eventually, a recipient of God’s might, enduring numerous transformations in his quest to become the emblem of fear. The holy strength bestowed upon him by a God enabled the Hero Hunter to imitate even Saitama, allowing him to face the Bald Cape head-on.

Garo finally incited Saitama’s rage by brutally wrecking Genos in front of his master. Saitama fought the Hero Hunter with all of his might, prompting Blast and his companions to transport them to one of Jupiter’s moons.

Saitama performed his Killer Moves there, while Garo used a combination of his copied skills. Garo employed Blast’s transference method to catch Saitama off guard, a strategy that seemingly worked successfully.

However, as the fight went on, Saitama was able to exploit these portals to his advantage, growing stronger as he fought Garo to the point of exceeding his previous limitations.

Manga panel from One-Punch Man chapter 168
Manga panel from One Punch Man Chapter 168. Pic credit: Viz media

One Punch Man’s apparent slugfest turned into a beating. Saitama kept pounding Garo while the Hero Hunter had no chance of retaliating. It got to the point that Saitama even urged his opponent to keep imitating his skills since that was the Hero Hunter’s original purpose.

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Instead of being enraged, Garo saw the growing disparity between them, and his desire for a good fight transformed to fear. He tried to flee to Earth by knocking Saitama in the opposite direction, but the Bald Cape caught up to him by farting. Saitama finally concluded the fight by hitting Garo’s face from the stratosphere down to the Earth’s surface.

The losses and Garou’s redemption

When Garo returned to Earth, the first thing he spotted was Taro’s sprawled body. However, instead of racing toward the boy, he ran, feeling that Tareo had died because of him.

While Tareo was the only lifeless body seen, his death demonstrates that regular humans cannot withstand Garo’s radiation. It should be noted that most of the heroes collapsed simply by being exposed to him.

Tareo and Garou after the battle
Tareo and Garou after the battle. Pic credit: Viz media

Even if the other heroes survived, King and the other civilians will be powerless against that force. When Garo regained consciousness, he requested that the caped bald hero duplicate his abilities and reverse causality.

By doing so, the God who bestowed divine abilities on him revoked them, leading to the Hero Hunter’s demise. Fortunately, Saitama was able to duplicate the divine powers and reverse all of the fatalities.

The Garo vs. Saitama fight arguably began when Saitama initially knocked Garo out of reflex. A lot of time in real life has passed since they initially met, but they only began fighting seriously after eradicating all members of the Monster Association.

The battle between the two monsters has finally ended after multiple transformations, various killing techniques, and innumerable bluffs. The good news is that One Punch Man Chapter 168 does not appear to be Garo’s dying moments. There is a good probability he will finally join the One Punch Man heroes.

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