One Punch Man Chapter 168 confirms Genos is alive, Saitama serious sneezes Jupiter away in Top 5 Colored Fan Art

Manga images from Chapter 168 of One Punch Man.
Manga images from One Punch Man 168. Pic credit: One, Yusuke Murata, @kevim_mauricio/Twitter, @Gutskenchi/Twitter

One Punch Man fans are in heaven with the release of One Punch Man Chapter 168, which concludes the epic battle between Garou and Saitama, and ends with a surprising twist!

OPM Chapter 168 opens with Saitama and Garou continuing to do battle. Garou uses his wormhole techniques against Saitama, but Saitama is able to use the wormholes to counterattack Garou. Saitama fights Garou while handicapped – clutching Genos’s energy core in his left hand.

Saitama eggs Garou on saying, “What’s wrong? You said you were gonna copy me when I’m serious and surpass me, didn’t you? Isn’t that the whole point of this?” Garou is countering Saitama’s attacks with equal power, but then Saitama retaliates with an even stronger attack. This is when Garou realizes that Saitama is leaving him in the dust.

But it’s more than that – Saitama is evolving. The narrator explains that Saitama is growing and this growth is due to an upsurge of emotion like none he’d ever experienced before that was caused by Genos’s supposed “demise” when Garou ripped Genos’s energy core out of his chest.

At some point, one of Garou’s attacks blasted off Saitama’s clothes, and because Saitama feels a sudden chill he starts to sneeze as he blocks an oncoming punch from Garou. Garou doesn’t realize what’s happening until Saitama’s mouth is open extremely wide and then he sneezes.

This is the first time Saitama has released a “serious sneeze” and the consequences are crazy. Saitama’s sneeze blasts Jupiter’s outer gaseous layers and reveals its core!

It’s at this point that manga artist, Yusuke Murata, outdoes himself once again and creates these gorgeous color panels featuring the aftermath of Saitama’s sneeze. Who knew that someone’s sneeze and its aftermath could be so epic and strangely beautiful in its chaos?

One Punch Man fans continue to be blown away by this manga’s art.

Manga panel from Chapter 168 of One Punch Man.
Manga panel from One Punch Man Chapter 168. Pic credit: One and Yusuke Murata
Manga panel from Chapter 168 of One Punch Man.
Manga panel from One Punch Man 168. Pic credit: One and Yusuke Murata
Manga panel from Chapter 168 of One Punch Man.
Manga panel from One Punch Man Chapter 168. Pic credit: One and Yusuke Murata

Garou barely manages to dodge Saitama’s sneeze and realizes at this point a strong punch from Saitama will inevitably kill him. Ironically, Garou thinks that Saitama is a monster that shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely on Earth. That’s when Garou spots the sun and comes up with an idea.

Garou teleports himself and Saitama to the sun in order to destroy Saitama once and for all. Then, Garou uses a wormhole and travels back to Earth.

Thinking he’s won, Garou begins to celebrate. However, Saitama suddenly appears behind Garou and compliments him on his teleportation technique.

Garou demands to know how Saitama got there and Saitama explains that being cold gave him a stomach ache and the sudden flash of light surprised him so much it made him fart! (Mental note: never feed Saitama beans). The power/force of Saitama’s fart propelled Saitama all the way from the sun to the Earth.

Saitama wastes no time in punching Garou and sends him flying back down to Earth. Garou demands to know why Saitama won’t just kill him already.

Saitama tells Garou that compared to him with his cool transformations and King with his intimidating presence, he’s not cut out to be a hero. Regardless, it’s the fact that he’s a hero anyways, and that it was Tareo’s final request, is the reason that he wants to stop Garou without killing him.

At this point, Garou becomes confused by Saitama saying it was Tareo’s “final request” until he spots Tareo’s lifeless body on the ground a few meters away. That’s when Garou suddenly freaks out and tries to put as much distance between himself and Tareo as possible. Garou laments that all this is his fault, and when he realizes he became the “ominous future” he starts to cry.

Saitama starts to realize something weird has been going on with Garou and suggests that some “weirdo” did something to him. (Way to call God a weirdo, Saitama). Garou laments how if he can’t defeat Saitama he can’t become Ultimate Evil and that the hero that takes him down thinks he’s not cut out to be a hero.

Garou tells Saitama that he should just act like a hero and should have killed him with a smug expression while spouting his own brand of justice at him. That way, Garou could have gone out like True Evil. And that the one he wanted to save by changing the world is dead a.k.a Tareo.

Saitama challenges Garou and asks if it’s true he wanted to save Tareo, or if he was clinging to Tareo for support. Garou begins to say that Saitama would never understand until he notices Genos’s energy core that he is still holding in his left hand and it’s in that moment that he realizes Saitama isn’t so different from him. That no one with that much power would have been able to remain sane without some kind of emotional support.

Garou makes a sudden request of Saitama – to copy a special martial arts technique from him that he hasn’t quite mastered yet so that Saitama can master it in his place and defeat God. While “God” decides to take his power away from Garou – Garou teaches Saitama a special technique.

Digital colorist Atlas Alexander was inspired by the scene where Garou shares his “fist” a.k.a ultimate technique to Saitama so that he can set things right and defeat the ominous future. Here’s the Top 5 fan art that colored in the manga scenes.

5. Genos teaches Saitama his ultimate technique

Manga image from Chapter 168 of One Punch Man.
Manga image from One Punch Man 168. Pic credit: Atlas Alexander (@Gutskenchi/Twitter)

Saitama makes a rare “serious face” as he learns the technique. Garou starts to disintegrate and tells Saitama to go and defeat that Ominous Future.

That’s when Saitama begins to travel backwards in time. (I mean, Superman did it to save Lois Lane that one time, so we shouldn’t really be that surprised that Saitama also has the ability to travel through time!)

Digital colorist GxTheBatman was inspired by the moment where Cosmic Garou dies and in death redeems himself.

4. Cosmic Garou dies

Manga image from Chapter 168 of One Punch Man.
Manga image from One Punch Man 168. Pic credit: GxTheBatman

This is also the point where all my theories about how Saitama would save Genos by returning the energy core, or my theories about how Genos may still be alive became a moot point. (But, hey, as long as Genos lives I’m happy!)

3. Saitama travels backwards in time

Manga panel from Chapter 168 of One Punch Man.
Manga panel from One Punch Man 168. Pic credit: @kevinmuniz_k29

As Saitama travels back through time he finally acknowledges that Garou’s martial arts techniques are awesome. Saitama spots a good time to enter the timeline to stop Garou, just after he received God’s power and was making the heroes cower before him. Saitama throws one serious punch Garou’s way and it’s a K.O.

A prone Genos realizes that Saitama is on the scene and calls out, “Is that?! Sensei!?”

Saitama’s punch causes the divine energy to leave Garou’s body. Saitama then encounters the other him in the past and they fuse into one being. Saitama appears to be confused and thinks that the last thing he remembers is Garou’s blast move hitting him.

Saitama freaks out when he sees Genos’s energy core in his hand, and then freaks out when he realizes the crotch of his suit has been blasted away. All of a sudden, Genos barrels into Saitama’s chest using his jets and yells out, “Sensei!” Saitama is perplexed but happy to see Genos is alive.

Saitama isn’t the only one happy to see Genos alive! Jack666rulez drew a little sketch of Genos saying, “Did you miss me, b*tches?”

2. Genos lives and acts cocky

Sketch of Genos alive and well.
Sketch of Genos alive and well. Pic credit: Jack666rulez (@jack666ART/Twitter)

Digital artist Lunah was inspired by Genos’s revival to draw a picture where after Genos barrels into him, Saitama wraps his arms around Genos affectionately.

1. Saitama and Genos hug

Fan art of Saitama giving Genos a hug.
Fan art of Saitama giving Genos a hug. Pic credit: Lunah (@lun_ahss/Twitter)

Did you enjoy the final battle between Saitama and Garou? Are you happy that Genos is back with 10 billion percent certainty (yes, Senku, I’m stealing that!)? Let us know in the comment section below!

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