One Punch Man Chapter 170 finally ending the Monster Association arc

Saitama and Garou meet for the first time
Saitama and Garou meet for the first time on the street. Pic credit: Madhouse studio

With the conclusion of one of its most extensive bouts ever, the upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 170 marks the series’ formal conclusion of the Monster Association and Garou’s arc after seven long years of serialization.

Since One Punch Man 169 only adapted part of web comic chapter 94 it’s expected that One Punch Man 170 will finish the arc. The next step is the Psychic Sisters arc.

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The longest-running single arc in Yusuke Murata’s illustrated adaptation of ONE’s webcomic to date is the Monster Association arc.

The arc’s tale began with the introduction of Garou, and it then fully erupted into a conflict between the heroes and the Monster Associations. All of this culminated in a showdown between Saitama and Garou, which has now been resolved.

The end of the longest One Punch Man arc

As the Monster Association Saga entered its conclusion, Saitama and Garou’s battle began literally stretching the limits of time and space as they both grew more powerful. The two of them kept getting stronger as the fight continued because Garou’s god-level power allowed him to readily adjust to Saitama’s strikes, and Saitama could quickly take up each technique he saw.

This was then elevated to an entirely new level as Saitama made a last progression to become a god who can travel through time with his blows.

Genos takes in the events that transpired after Saitama returned his core in One Punch Man's chapter 169.
Genos takes in the events that transpired after Saitama returned his core in One Punch Man Chapter 169. Pic credit: Viz media

The next chapter of the series will examine what happened after the Garou arc, as Murata had announced to fans on Twitter in the wake of the most recent nearly 80-page chapter finishing off Saitama and Garou’s duel.

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Murata assures that the arc will conclude shortly while ensuring fans that he will continue to draw much more. He has been working towards this conclusion for seven years of serialization.

As a result, even though the arc is ending, thankfully, the overall manga run still has a lot more story left to tell.

One Punch Man Chapter 170 release date and what to expect

One Punch Man doesn’t adhere to a set release schedule, unlike most shonen manga series. As a result, it can be challenging to estimate when the next chapter will be published.

However, Murata sensei posted a tweet confirming the publication date for the next series installment.

The tweet says:

“The next update of the Tona Jean version of One Punch Man is scheduled for the 18th.”

Yusuke Murata

Thus the One Punch Man 170 release date is on August 18, 2022. Fans can anticipate spoilers to circulate online two days before the chapter is released now that the writing has been finished.

By August 17, 2022, the unofficial raw scans should be accessible. Viz will take some time to update its library, but ultimately the most recent chapters will be available on Viz media.

Most likely, the heroes will go through a decontamination procedure to aid with their recovery from acute radiation exposure. Now that Garou has escaped, some heroes may be eager to pursue the Hero Hunter, but there is little cause for concern because Garou will change his mind following the events described in the preceding chapters.

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The interaction between Bang and Saitama and Garou may occur, and future chapters of the story could focus on it.

What do you think about the conclusion of the One Punch Man Monster Association arc? What did you think of Saitama and Garou’s fight’s conclusion in general? Share your opinions about it in the comments section.

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