One Punch Man live-action movie brings on Fast & Furious director Justin Lin

Saitama during his sparring session with Genos
Saitama during his sparring session with Genos. Pic credit: Madhouse studios

Are you prepared for some more One Punch Man? While anime fans are still waiting on the One Punch Man Season 3 release date, It appears that Hollywood is prepared since they’ve officially announced a One Punch Man live-action movie!

Major studios have been eyeing the hit manga for a live-action adaptation for years, and it seems the project is moving forward. According to the latest reports, Fast & Furious franchise director Justin Lin has been hired to handle the picture.

One Punch Man’s new director

The news comes from Deadline on the heels of Lin’s departure from Fast X. According to the latest information, One Punch Man has hired the director to oversee its progress at Sony Pictures.

He’ll be working on the script with Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. Audiences will recognize the two from their past work on Jumanji: The Next Level and Venom.

Justin Lin the new One Punch Man live-action director.
Justin Lin is the new One Punch Man live-action director. Pic credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Regarding production, Avi and Ari Arad will co-produce One Punch Man with Lin. Pinkner and Rosenberg are collaborating with the trio to draft a script for the picture. Sony Pictures hopes to start filming before the year ends in 2022, although no casting for the One Punch Man movie adaptation has been disclosed as of yet.

Lin has already used his geek expertise multiple times in his business. He directed the well-known paintball episodes of the TV show Community and, most recently, Star Trek Beyond, the newest edition in the sci-fi film franchise. However, the director rose to notoriety in the Fast & Furious franchise, directing five films in the series. 

One Punch Man Season 3 expectations

Because One Punch Man Season 3 is still not officially confirmed, there is no set release date for the anime series’ third season. The One Punch Man anime, titled Wanpanman in Japanese, is based on a popular manga series.

The original tale is written by creator One (Mob Psycho 100), but Yusuke Murata adapted it into a manga. One Punch Man is a beautiful action superhero series with parody aspects, so it’s no surprise that fans worldwide are wondering if there will be an OPM Season 3.

The OPM manga has 26 volumes as of June 2022. The manga is still ongoing, and it’s far from over. On June 3, 2022, manga artist Yusuke Murata released the latest volume in Japan. The manga will be published for at least another several years.

Volume 27’s publication date has yet to be announced. However, because several chapters are not yet in tankbon format, it will most likely be released in the second half of 2022. The first season of OPM adapted volumes 1–8, and the second season adapted books 9–16. The third season will begin with volume 17 and should conclude with volume 24.

That means the source material for Season 3 is not a problem; by late 2023, there should be enough for One Punch Man Season 4. It will take at least five years for the anime to adapt all of the present manga volumes, and while the anime is lovely, it does not show everything from the original material.

When does One Punch Man Season 3 become possible?

The One Punch Man Season 3 anime was impossible to release earlier because of the source material. There was simply not enough source material for OPM Season 3 until 2022. But now there are enough manga volumes for the upcoming One Punch Man sequel.

According to rumors, pre-production has already secretly begun on One Punch Man Season 3. Like Konosuba Season 3 and Goblin Slayer Season 2, fans will likely have to wait until 2023 for news about the third season.

Are you excited for One Punch Man season 3? Do you think the One Punch Man live-action movie will work on the big screen? What are your thoughts on the latest Hollywood deal? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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