One Punch Man Season 3 production confirmed by new key visual

Key visual for the upcoming One Punch Man Season 3.
Key visual for the upcoming One Punch Man Season 3. Pic credit: / Chikashi Kubota

On August 17, 2022, the official One Punch Man website released a teaser visual confirming that the production of the One Punch Man Season 3 anime has been greenlit. The One Punch Man Season 3 release date will be announced at a later date.

Chikashi Kubota, who was in charge of character design for the first and second seasons, drew the visual and will be returning as a member of the production team.

However, the anime studio making One Punch Man Season 3 was not specified. The first season was made by Studio Madhouse while the second season was made by Studio J.C. Staff.

You can see the new key visual, which features Saitama and Garou, the hero hunter, standing back to back, here:

One Punch Man 3
The key visual for One Punch Man Season 3 features Saitama vs Garou. Pic credit: One Punch Man 3 Anime Production Committee/Chikashi Kubota

The final episode of Season 2 hints at the upcoming events

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 24, had Silverfang and Bomb beating up Garou mercilessly. Garou remembers when he was a young loner and had a popular classmate named Tat-chan. When Tat-chan gangs up on Garou while they’re playing with their other friends just because he was dubbed the “monster” Garou comes to hate “heroes”.

Garou decides that he wants to be a villain instead of a “hero” that just goes around beating up weaklings. Garou manages to beat back Fang and Bomb, but Pheonix Man arrives and saves Garou. We’ll find out in One Punch Man Season 3 that Pheonix Man is a member of the Monster Association and wants to take Garou back to their hideout because he has been determined to be someone that would make an excellent monster.

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Will Saitama and Garou’s incredible battle be animated?

As Pheonix Man and Garou are making their escape Genos appears and puts them in mortal danger. Pheonix Man decides it’s prudent to call for backup and calls for Elder Centipede to help. Fang and Bomb team up in order to wound Elder Centipede but Elder Centipede knocks them back and sheds his damaged armor.

Genos decides to act as a decoy so that Fang and Bomb can get the defeated A Class Heroes to safety. Genos manages to wound Elder Centipede but the monster quickly regenerates and sends Genos flying. Genos starts to lose faith in himself because he is not able to defeat the Dragon-level monster without Saitama’s help.

Things are looking grim and Fang puts Genos down and decides to take on Elder Centipede himself while Genos can escape. At that moment, King appears with a megaphone and boldly challenges Elder Centipede. King lies that the S Class Hero Rank 1 Blast has arrived. Apparently, Blast previously wounded Elder Centipede so badly that it retreated underground.

Just before Elder Centipede can kill King, Saitama arrives and obliterates the monster with one Serious Punch. This won’t be the last we’ll be seeing of a giant centipede, however. During the upcoming Monster Association Arc where heroes will be forced to infiltrate the headquarters of the Monster Association in order to rescue a kidnapped child, the heroes will be fighting many different monsters with various abilities. Garou and Saitama will end up battling against the “Monster King” and eventually Saitama will have to face the true brains behind the entire operation.

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After all the monsters have been defeated, Garou declares that he has become the most powerful monster and that he is the ultimate evil. At this point, Garou eggs Saitama on until they begin an epic battle, which manga readers are really looking forward to seeing animated on the big screen.

When Saitama and Genos reunite at the end of Episode 24, Genos immediately asks his sensei what he lacks. Saitama confusedly replies “power” much to King’s chagrin. The episode ends with Saitama asking the heroes if they want to go back to his apartment. Meanwhile, Pheonix Man picks up an unconscious Garou and takes him to the Monster King, Orochi.

Once in the depths of the Monster Association hideout, Garou will undergo a very painful monsterization process. Will Garou lose his humanity? What will happen with Garou’s buddy Tareo shows up in the Monster Association’s headquarters? You’ll have to watch One Punch man Season 3 in order to find out.

Fans of Speed-of-sound Sonic will have to be patient since due to the fact that Sonic decided to cook the monster cell instead of eating it and didn’t turn into a monster he won’t be participating in the fight between the heroes and the Monster Association. However, readers of the original webtoon know that a very interesting arc concerning a very dangerous ninja happens, and will hopefully be animated one day.

Are you looking forward to One Punch Man Season 3? Let us know in the comment section below!

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