One Punch Man’s Saitama VS Garou battle animated by M Studio in epic 5-min video

Screenshot from the 5-min video of Saitama VS Garou.
Screenshot from the 5-min video of Saitama VS Garou. Pic credit: M Studio

On August 3, 2022, M Studio released a video on their official YouTube channel, which animates all of the epic moments of One Punch Man’s Saitama VS Garou battle as seen in One Punch Man Chapters 166 to 168.

M Studio is an independent animation studio that specializes in animating manga, and releases “animated fan videos”. Their latest video, which combined several shorter videos from the Saitama VS Garou fight, is 5 minutes long and has gained over 100k views!

You can watch the video here:

Saitama VS Garou All Epic Moments | One punch man fan animations
Saitama VS Garou fan animation video.

M Studio adds dramatic special effects and suspenseful music

The video begins with the heart-wrenching moment when Garou rips Genos’s energy core right out of his chest. To better express Saitama’s despair, the director decided to make it rain “black rain”, which I think was a nice, dramatic touch.

Next, we see Blast, Garou in his “Cosmic Form”, and Saitama’s back. Garou tosses Genos’s energy core at Saitama and we see a close-up of Genos’s demolished body lying on the ground.

Saitama has a flashback as he remembers going off on hero missions together with Genos. This scene wasn’t in the manga and I think it’s a nice touch and really tugs at your heartstrings.

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Saitama finally gets series and sends a straight right punch Garou’s way. Blast gets worried about the state of the Earth and decides to teleport Garou and Saitama to outer space. Saitama and Garou’s fists are still colliding as they materialize on the surface of one of Jupiter’s moons.

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Saitama does his Killer Move: Serious Series –   Serious Table Flip, reaches down, grabs the moon’s surface, and flips it up towards Garou. This attack destroys half of Jupiter’s moon. Saitama does some high-speed attacks and Garou escapes into a wormhole.

But Saitama manages to figure out how to use the wormhole power and pops up ready to punch Garou. Garou is punched hard and his body ricochets off the large chunks of debris of the destroyed moon like a ball in a Ping-Pong ball machine. That was very satisfying to watch.

Saitama suddenly realizes that he’s naked. Garou is about to punch him as he emerges from a wormhole, but Saitama easily catches Garou’s fist. Saitama begins to sniffle due to the cold and starts to open his mouth widely.

The video teases, “There was no longer anybody left to measure what level Saitama’s strength had reached.”

Saitama’s Serious Sneeze gives Jupiter a makeover

Garou senses something big coming and tilts his head and body sideways, just barely managing to avoid Saitama’s Serious Sneeze. The sneeze is so powerful it blows the gaseous atmospheric layer surrounding Jupiter away until the planet’s core is revealed.

Garou tries to win the match by teleporting Saitama to the sun, but that’s when Saitama starts to feel nauseous and farts. Saitama’s fart propels him all the way back to the Earth. Saitama suddenly appears behind Garou and punches him until he slams down onto the Earth’s surface.

Hopefully, M Studio will decide to continue animating the One Punch Man manga and animate the reunion between Saitama and Genos, which we’ve all been waiting for!

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On July 19, 2022, M Studio released a short video of Saitama’s Serious Table Flip, which has gained over 5 million views!

One punch man Animation | SERIOUS TABLE FLIP

On July 23, 2022, M Studio released a short video of Saitama’s Serious Sneeze, which has gained more than 1 million views and is well on its way to 2 million views.

One Punch Man chapter 168 fan animation |Serious sneeze

Did you enjoy M Studio’s fan animation video of Saitama VS Garou’s epic battle? Let us know in the comment section below!

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