Phantom of the Idol anime’s OP, ED, and songs from Kami Kuzu Idol final concert episode now available for download

CD covers for the musical soundtrack of the anime Phantom of the Idol.
CD covers for the musical soundtrack of the anime Phantom of the Idol. Pic credit:

On September 2, 2022, the official website for the anime adaptation of Hijiki Isoflavone’s Phantom of the Idol (Kami Kuzu Idol) revealed that the opening, ending and other songs featured in the anime are now available for download.

Phantom of the Idol Episode 10 was the final episode (although the episode teased, “see you again” at the very end meaning there is a chance for a second season) and featured an episode, which was basically a ZINGS live concert. Yuya Niyodo, Asahi Mogami, and Kazuki Yoshino all performed on stage for their fans for the entire episode and performed many new incredible songs.

Phantom of the Idol staff (Avex Pictures, TV Tokyo Music Inc) have begun to distribute the opening, ending, and other songs from the anime and will continue to distribute the songs from time to time, so the website says to make sure to check back.

A playlist of Phantom of the Idol songs is now available on Apple Music and Spotify! You can start listening to this incredible anime soundtrack here.

If you’re looking for one song in particular you can check out the music distribution list here.

Limited distribution versions of “Absolute Proof Rock” God Version and “Reverse Duet” are now available for distribution here.

Your favorite songs from the anime can also be purchased on a CD! Pre-orders are now available here.

You can enjoy the “ZINGS Second Anniversary Live” again

If you live in Japan and want to watch the final episode again an encore presentation of the final episode has been decided. The episode will air on TV Tokyo on September 9, 2022 at 25: 23, September 10, 2022 on AT-X channel at 21:00, and on the same day on BS11 channel at 22:00.

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【神クズ☆アイドル】第7話挿入歌「乗り越えてLOST」(ZINGS/CV.今井文也、堀江 瞬)ノンテロップ映像
Official video of ZINGS singing their song “LOST”.

What is the plot of Phantom of the Idol?

The story revolves around a jaded pop idol named Yuya Niyodo, who is part of a singing duo named ZINGS. Yuya believed that once he became famous he’d live a life of leisure and adulation, but as it turns out being an idol is a lot of hard work! While his popular and charismatic partner Kazuki Yoshino is out there giving 110% every night at their concerts Yuya has started to dance sloppily and act hostile towards the audience. Yuya’s fans have started to hate him and even his agent wants to cut him loose.

After a particularly dull concert, Yuya is feeling dejected and slinks backstage where he encounters a girl, who is dressed stylishly, full of energy, has a bubbly personality and is dying to perform on stage. Her name is Asahi Mogami and she’s a popular singer. Yuya decides he wants to help her. There’s just one problem – she’s been dead for a year. But if ghosts exist then Yuya figures that spirit possession must be a thing too. A devious plan begins to form in Yuya’s mind, if he lets Asahi borrow his body to sing then he just has to sit back and reap the benefits. It sounds like a win-win situation…or is it?

Where can I read the manga?

Hijiki Isoflavone wrote and illustrated the manga Phantom of the Idol, which began serialization in Ichijinsha’s shojo manga magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum on December 28, 2017. The manga chapters have been collected in five tankobon volumes. In the 2019 Next Manga Award Competition, Phantom of the Idol placed third. Kodansha USA has licensed the manga in North America for its English release.

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Did you enjoy Phantom of the Idol Season 1? Do you want a Season 2? Did you enjoy the music in Phantom of the Idol? Let us know in the comment section below!

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It was a really wonderful anime and the manga was just as good. I hope that it does get a season 2.

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