Phantom of the Idol supernatural, comedy anime gets spooky collaboration cafe

Key visual for the Phantom of the Idol X Cafe Zenon cafe, featuring Yuuya and Kazuki.
Key visual for the Phantom of the Idol X Cafe Zenon cafe, featuring Yuuya and Kazuki. Pic credit:

If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan and are a fan of the supernatural, comedy anime Phantom of the Idol get ready for some spooky deliciousness. From August 10 to September 4, 2022, at Café Zenon & Zenon Sakaba in Kichijoji, Tokyo, a collaboration café inspired by Phantom of the Idol will be held.

The café will offer a special menu featuring yummy food such as Niyodo-kun’s omurice plate with a message written in ketchup on it, Asahi-chan’s DX parfait, Yoshino-kun’s thick pancakes, Setouchi-kun’s raspberry tea soda, and Niyodo-kun’s reflection mug of beer.

Special Phantom of the Idol X Zenon Cafe menu.
Special Phantom of the Idol X Zenon Cafe menu. Pic credit:

Delicious desserts, exclusive fan merchandise, and prizes

Each menu comes with a frequent customer reward card. Each time you purchase something from the special menu a sticker will be placed on the card. Once you’ve filled out the entire card you will receive a “2-piece super rare glitter sticker set”.

At the café, Phantom of the Idol merchandise will also be available for sale such as illustration books featuring the characters. The merchandise will also be available for purchase at the café’s online website from August 10, 2022. Customers will be able to take selfies alongside life-size character billboards.

What is the plot of Phantom of the Idol?

The story revolves around a jaded pop idol named Yuuya, who is part of a singing duo named ZINGS. Yuuya believed that once he became famous he’d live a life of leisure and adulation, but as it turns out being an idol is a lot of hard work! While his popular and charismatic partner, Kazuki, is out there giving 110% every night at their concerts Yuuya has started to dance sloppily and act hostile towards the audience. Yuuya’s fans have started to hate him and even his agent wants to cut him loose.

After a particularly dull concert, Yuuya is feeling dejected and slinks backstage where he encounters a bubbly girl, who is dressed stylishly, full of energy, and is dying to perform on stage. Her name is Asahi Mogami and she’s a popular singer. Yuuya decides he wants to help her. There’s just one problem – she’s been dead for a year. But if ghosts exist then Yuuya figures that spirit possession must be a thing too. A devious plan begins to form in Yuuya’s mind, if he lets Asahi borrow his body to sing then he just has to sit back and reap the benefits. It sounds like a win-win situation…or is it?

You can read more about Phantom of the Idol’s anime and manga here: Phantom of the Idol anime release date in Summer 2022 revealed by new trailer PV, key visual

Are you planning to visit Zenon Café while the special collaboration event is going on? What are you planning to order? Let us know in the comment section below!

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