Pochita VS Bond Forger: Who is the ‘best boy’ of 2022?

Fan art of Pochita and image of Bond.
Fan art of Pochita and image of Bond. Pic credit: @lylehalled1998.blogspot.com and @spy-x-family.fandom.com

In Chainsaw Man Episode 1 we were introduced to a young boy named Denji, who was living in poverty, and his demon dog Pochita. Denji was working off his deceased father’s debt to the yakuza and working as a Devil Hunter. Without Pochita’s abilities and deadly chainsaw, Denji never would have been able to pull off something like becoming a Devil Hunter at such a young age.

Because of this Denji owes years of his life to Pochita. At first, Denji and Pochita’s relationship was based on a contract. The wounded Pochita was given Denji’s blood in order to heal, and in return, Pochita agreed to team up with Denji. But as time passed their relationship changed from “master and dog” to friends… despite the fact Pochita is a demon.

The heart of Chainsaw Man is Pochita

When I was watching Chainsaw Man Episode 1 I was worried that the demon dog Pochita would inevitably betray Denji. Especially, since Denji told Pochita that if he died he could have his body and become a fiend. Pochita completely surprised me, and instead of taking over Denji’s body, he decided to sacrifice himself and give Denji his own heart.

I’ve only read a few chapters of the Chainsaw Man manga so far, so it will be interesting to see if Pochita ever comes back to life. Will Denji get a special transformation in the future where Pochita exits his body? All I know is that I would love to see that adorable chainsaw dog again!

For now, the spirit of Pochita lives on inside of Denji as he faces off against evil demons and devils.

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Pochita also made it clear that he was giving Denji this second chance at life so that he could fulfill his dreams. Pochita wants to see Denji live those dreams. I immediately thought of the saying, “Dogs are a man’s best friend,” after Pochita sacrificed himself for Denji. Later, we learn that Pochita is still alive, but trapped inside of Denji’s body now that they’ve fused together. Pochita may be a demon, but he’s a real sweetie.

Bond’s prophetic visions protect the Forger Family

Another dog that’s been drawing a lot of attention this anime season is the latest addition to the Forger Family – Bond. We were first introduced to Bond with a quick glimpse of a dog in a cage having a vision of the Forger Family. Then, in Spy X Family Episode 13 “Project Apple” while purchasing a dog for Anya, Loid is given a mission to stop a terrorist group of Ostanian students led by a man named Keith Kepler.

The terrorist group’s plan is to use dogs as bomb carriers and assassinate Westalian Foreign Minister Brantz. Meanwhile, Anya and Yor head over to an adoption fair and Anya sees a large white dog passing by the window. Anya reads the dog’s mind and sees a vision of her family along with the dog. Curious to find out how the dog knows their family Anya follows after the dog and ends up at the terrorists’ hideout.

Anya finds herself in a sticky situation when the terrorists spot her, but the dog helps her to escape. That’s when Anya realizes that the dog gets visions of the future. After their escape, Keith encounters them in an alleyway and is about to kill them when Yor arrives. Yor thinks that Keith and his cohort are child traffickers and mercilessly attacks them.

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Keith decides to flee Yor, takes the last bomb dog with him, and rigs his last hideout’s door with a bomb. At the same time, WISE arrests the other students. The dog has another vision of the future – one where Loid lies dead in a pile of debris. When Anya sees this vision she realizes that the only way to stop the vision from coming true is to disarm the bomb. Anya is forced to leave Yor behind once again in order to head to the bomb’s location and ends up writing a warning message on the door in ketchup to prevent Loid from opening the door. Anya’s warning works and Loid’s life is saved.

This is another example of a dog saving its master’s life, and what’s interesting about this one is that Loid hasn’t even become Bond’s “master” yet. This is something that the dog knows is a possible future.

Bond helped Anya to the best of his abilities to prevent the bomb’s detonation and managed to save Loid’s life. Another great thing about Bond is his close “bond” with Anya. I wonder if the real reason they decided to name the dog “Bond” wasn’t only because of his resemblance to Anya’s favorite cartoon spy hero, but also because of the close bond that forms between the dog and his new family.

It will be interesting to see how Bond uses his prophetic powers to help a spy, assassin, and Esper keep the peace between East and West. The stakes are high but this dog has his family’s back!

Who is the Best Boy of 2022?

Fans of Chainsaw Man and Spy X Family have begun to debate, which dog is the “best boy”. Personally, since both dogs managed to save their owners’ lives and both have close bonds with their masters that go beyond the “master and dog” relationship I think Pochita and Bond are tied in this regard. One dog doesn’t seem better than the other. They’re both amazing!

Which dog do you think is “best boy”? Pochita? Bond? Let us know in the comment war, err, section below!

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